DigameXtra News Alert- Coronavirus: Andalucia remains closed until December 10

DigameXtra News Alert- Coronavirus: Andalucia remains closed until December 10 with the aim of opening mobility at Christmas: {Translated from https://sevilla.abc.es} Updated: 11/22/2020 15: 39h
As two Sundays ago, the president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno , appeared this afternoon before the media to announce the measures and restrictions that will be applied in the community in the coming weeks in its fight against the coronavirus pandemic.
Despite the drop in infections, as well as hospitalizations and deaths due to Covid registered this weekend, the Andalusian Executive has decided to extend the measures applied from October 30 to December 10.
Thus, the perimeter closure of Andalusia and all its municipalities is maintained until December 10 and the curfew will remain as it is until now (10 pm-7 am).
The main novelty of the announcement is the slight change in hours in the hospitality industry for collection services (until 9:30 p.m.) and businesses dedicated to the toy sector (until 8:00 p.m.).
Regarding the special situation of the province of Granada, the Andalusian president has reported that in the health district Granada South the total ban is lifted and the opening will be allowed until 6 pm . The districts of Granada, Metropolitano and Granada Nordeste will continue with the same restrictions as until now.
In addition, it has been announced that from now on the be administered pneumococcal vaccine will to the population older than 60 years, and not 65 as usual.
Juanma Moreno’s intervention took place after a brief meeting with the committee of experts of the Junta de Andalucía, “a group in which there are health experts and also economic analysts,” the president recalled.
“Crucial moments”
“We are living crucial moments, the right thing to do is to try to find a balance between saving all possible lives and all possible businesses,” Moreno began his speech, using graphs to explain the decline seen in recent days in the number of hospitalizations.
“Does it mean that we are defeating the coronavirus? Not much less, ”the Andalusian leader insisted, while acknowledging that the measures imposed on October 30 are serving to contain the curve, considering the peak of the second wave of the coronavirus has been overcome.
«The only vaccine that we have right now is our head, our commitment, our individual and collective involvement. Andalusia has shown a great sense of responsibility so far. Let’s keep doing it, ”urged the president.
It should be remembered that since the beginning of the pandemic there have been 217,037 cases of coronavirus in the region and 3,617 people have lost their lives (345 in the last week), with 99,574 patients who have overcome the disease, with 2,265 in the last day. Source, Spanish: https://sevilla.abc.es/andalucia/sevi-coronavirus-andalucia-prorrogara-restriciones-y-horario-toque-queda-hasta-10-diciembre-202011221443_noticia.html