DigameXtra Alert Friday, 17Dec21: The TSJA approves Covid passport to enter bars and restaurants in Andalusia

The TSJA approves Covid passport to enter bars and restaurants in Andalusia, starts this Sunday or Monday: {Translation} 17/12/2021 14:41 (Regular Friday issue of website post is below this)
-To enter a bar, restaurant or nightclub in Andalusia, a Covid passport will be required. This has been approved by the High Court of Justice of Andalusia (TSJA) this Friday after the request of the Andalusian Government. The measure will be in force until 15 January. In addition to the Covid passport, it will also be possible to present a negative diagnostic test. This measure does not include workers.
-Regarding the date of entry into force of this requirement, the president of the Junta, Juanma Moreno, has indicated that it will be in “about 48 hours”. This is the time the Andalusian government needs to publish the measure in the Official Gazette of the Junta de Andalucía (BOJA) and to finish talking to the hotel and catering sector, the most affected.
-Thus, it is expected that by Sunday or Monday the obligation of the Covid passport in bars and restaurants will be in force.
-This is the second time that the High Court has ruled on the Covid passport in the hotel and catering sector. The first, last Wednesday, rejected the implementation of the measure because the Junta did not exempt workers in the sector from presenting the certificate. Having overcome this stumbling block, the TSJA has said yes to the request of the Executive of Juanma Moreno.
-In addition to the hotel and catering industry, the Covid passport is required in Andalusia to enter hospitals and nursing homes. In this way, the Andalusian government wants to tackle infections in places where there are large concentrations of people such as bars and restaurants and also in places where there is a population at risk such as the elderly or the sick.
-The Covid passport for the hospitality industry in Andalusia is a tool that has already received the support of the General Fscalía of the community. This is how this organism pronounced itself this week, although finally the measure did not obtain the endorsement of the TSJA until this Friday.
-But how does the Covid passport work in the hotel and catering industry? The Covid passport is a document that certifies that the person who has it has been vaccinated with the full regimen against the coronavirus. It can be downloaded to your mobile phone or printed out and must be shown before entering a catering establishment.
Navarra and the Basque Country
Navarra requires the Covid passport for access to special bars and discotheques, restaurants with a capacity of more than 60 diners and for all types of indoor cultural shows. It will also introduce this certificate in social and health centres.

Justice in the Basque Country has authorised the Covid passport requirement for access to hospitals, nursing homes, all hotels and restaurants, concert halls, music festivals and other cultural and artistic events in enclosed spaces, sports centres and gyms, but rejects the application of this measure in open sports facilities, such as football stadiums or pelota courts.

Source: https://sevilla.abc.es/andalucia/sevi-tsja-aprueba-pasaporte-covid-para-entrar-bares-y-restaurantes-andalucia-202112171301_noticia.html