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UK Mothering Day is this coming Sunday, 31Mar19. In the United States, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. In some countries it was changed to dates that were significant to the majority religion, or to historical dates. In most Arab countries, Mother’s Day is always celebrated on the 21st of March, which is the Spring equinox. In the United Kingdom and Ireland, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday in Lent (Mothering Sunday).


Last concert of “March in Music” Festival: La Güena Gente, Nerja. Dana & Gianni, Special guest Jesús Aranda Mr. Blues. Friday March 29th. at 8pm Avenida de Pescia n. 21 info/booking tel. 642 486 341


Bar Pozuelo Quiz: Our Thursday afternoon quiz will be held this week at 3pm in bar Pozuelo in Laguna beach, Torrox Costa. through the main arch turn left then right. Bar is between supermarket and hairdressers. All Welcome. More info call Eileen 602640844.


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Wanted: Curtains alterations. Hi, does anyone knows who and where I can have some curtains shorten? I knew of some one in Competa, have been there 3 x but each time door was closed. I can travel, so Competa, Nerja, Torrox, Torre del Mar would be OK. Monique/Competa
+32 472 90 32 80 (also WhattsApp)
Email: monique.anckaert AT yahoo DOT com


Wanted: Transport from London. Are there any delivery vans from London on or around week ending 26th April? I would need advice on price according to box size. Linda/London
Email: l.lindalondres AT gmail DOT com


Items For Sale / Wanted / Rent

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For Sale, 3 items:
-Dimmer light with spot lamp with small side table. Height 180cms €45.00
-4 bamboo bedside tables. Measurements Width 47cms Depth 32cms Height 50cms €25.00 each prefer to sell in pairs.
-Black & Decker Jigsaw Price €15.00
Contact Jackie/Nerja 672170429
Email: info AT nerjahouseholdcentre DOT com


For Sale, 2 items: Last Minute Mothers Day Gifts, Pebble Art on block canvas
– 20 x 24cm Bumble Bees 10€ ( can be personalised )
-Family designs 20€ ( can be customised)
Please see my FB page for photos of all designs available or get in touch by email or whatsapp 650 958 144
https://www.facebook.com/pebble.art.studio Lynn/Torrox Costa
Email: lynnandseanh AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk


Wanted to borrow or rent: Baby Car Seat. Suitable for our 15 month old granddaughter who is coming to visit from 10 to 19 April 2019. We are in Canillas de Albaida, but happy to travel to the coast from Nerja to Torre del Mar / Velez Malaga areas to collect and return the car seat.
Email Neil: nzhemail-cds AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk



Financial Advice: Does any reader know of anyone who can give me advice on managing a modest portfolio of assets in UK. I am a uk citizen and resident in Germany and looking for someone who follows the market
No Blevin Franks, off-shore companies, PO box uk addresses etc. Thanks, Tony/Nerja
Email: sjc2714 AT gmail DOT com


Translation of article Diario Sur:
Nerja The Institute of Toxicology has analyzed the water and concludes that the presence of fecal bacteria poses a risk of gastroenteritis and skin infection.
An “uncontrolled submarine landfill” . This is how the Nature Protection Service (Seprona) of the Guardia Civil defines the state of Nerja’s funds in the vicinity of the two emissaries that, approximately one kilometer from the coast and some 40 meters deep, lead to the sea to all the flow of fecal waters of the municipality.
The Seprona has reached this conclusion after analyzing the funds of Nerja with the help of the agents of the Group of Underwater Activities (GEAS) and the researchers of the Spanish Institute of Oceanography (IEO). The scientists calculated that in the vicinity of the emissaries of Burriana and Torrecilla there was a “crust” of garbage of 20 meters in diameter and up to three meters in height. In total, about nine tons of wipes, according to scientists.
Unsustainable situation The Seprona’s diagnosis of the result of the lack of sanitation in Nerja – “an uncontrolled submarine landfill” – leaves little doubt about the seriousness of a chronic situation with risks to bathers’ health due to faecal bacteria and serious environmental deterioration. Nerja, the only large municipality on the coast without a sewage treatment plant, has for too long been the victim of institutional neglect in this area, entrusted more to the fate of the tides and to the municipal fudge to repair its emissaries, which have been broken several times. Reporting on the judicial investigation in progress can be seen by some as contrary to the interests of the municipality, when in fact it fulfills a duty of coherence in the continued denunciation of the deficit of sanitation, now under exhaustive investigation. Nerja should leave the blacklist of discharges as soon as possible, and that means accelerating the works of the treatment plant, repairing the serious deterioration in the funds by accumulation of wipes and waste and having emissaries at the height of a sanitation system from which today they are only a precarious patch.
The agents and scientists of the Oceanographic have come to the conclusion that the Nerja background is suffering, in these areas, a mutation process , favoring the appearance of new opportunistic marine species as well as the proliferation of algae due to the accumulation of organic waste, as it happens, for example, in a raft, where the tonality of the water is of greenish color.
Researchers have also observed that the discharges emanating from the emissaries are at the mercy of marine currents , whose conditions contribute to the dispersion of pollutants. However, this displacement of waste tends to occur more horizontally than vertically given the different layers and currents inside the water column, which prevents that, at least in a nearby environment, these rubbish come out.
In addition to analyzing the seabed, the agents took different samples of the water and sent them to the Institute of Toxicology in Seville , and more specifically to the Toxicological Assessment and Environment Service. On November 23, 2018, they issued a report in which they concluded that wastewater discharges through the Torrecilla and Burriana emissaries can cause “substantial damage” to water quality, which could limit their use for water. bath, besides being a health risk and affecting the balance of marine systems.
This hypothetical danger to health is specified by Seprona in his investigation, which is already in the hands of the Court of Instruction No. 2 of Torrox and the Environmental Prosecutor’s Office, warning that the presence of faecal bacteria in the water -as It has been found in the analyzed samples – it can entail risk of suffering from gastroenteritis (in the case of swallowing it in abundance) or cutaneous type infections. Researchers also consider that this contribution of organic matter to the marine environment can affect photosynthesis and the formation of plankton. And all of this, in sum, can mean a decrease in biological diversity.
On the contrary, the last annual report by the Ministry of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare on the quality of bathing water in Spain, dating from 2017, gives the rating of “excellent” to all the beaches of Nerjeño. The organism puts the same note to all the beaches of the province, except to the one of Venus-Bajadilla, in Marbella, which stays in “good” quality. The parties ask for a solution, but they try to avoid responsibilities «It is very sad to see the wipes stuck against the rocks, we hope for a solution» The seabed of Nerja accumulates nine tons of wipes for untreated discharges
Margaret- Torrox 682661313 Sent from my iPhone  (Thanks for this Margaret. -Ed.)


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