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Free Guided Tours in Sayalonga:
Organised by Museo Morisco and Sayalonga town hall.
Free Activities. Need booking in advance. Limited places.
-Saturday 2nd April, 10.30h Octogonal Cemetery
-Saturday 9th April, 10.30h Essential Sayalonga
-Saturday 16th April, 10.30h Museo Morisco – Moorish Museum
Further information and bookings:
Museo Morisco (Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 2pm)
Plaza García Lorca 3, Sayalonga
Phone & Whatsapp: 675 315 539
Email: museomorisco@sayalonga.es 


Mitch France Exhibition at Bio Beach Club: Don’t miss the Mitch France Exhibition of original paintings at Bio Beach Club, El Morche, just one more week to go until April 6th. 616 891 473(whatsapp) 


El Valle Asociacion Trips & Activities:
-We are going to Estepona on May 6, and we would love for you to join us! First stop – the Orchidarium. Afterwards, spend the day exploring the lovely town. 15€ for members, 17€ for non-members. Call Carol at 635291532 or come to Meson Sara in Puente Don Manuel between noon and 1PM on Fridays for more details.
-Be sure to find out about El Valle’s other activities, such as the Platinum Jubilee Street Party in June, a trip to the Almunecar Fireworks in August, a 4-day trip to Cartagena in September, and more! Club nights, fun and interesting walks, Menu del Dia outings…the list goes on and on! 


Beatles Tribute: Magical Mystery Tour, Fri 8Apr 7pm
Auditorio Casa de la Cultura, Almunecar, €12  FB 
Buy Tickets Online 


Bar Amsterdam: Live music by Concord, Friday Apr 1st 8pm
Avenida America 29793 Torrox Costa 


Bahia Band: Performing at Robert’s Top, Almunecar, Fri. April 1 starting at 22:00. Come out dance and party to the best in pop, rock and R&B from yesterday and today. c/ Livry Gargan,1, 18690 Almuñécar  FB 


Ten Day Weather Forecast from https://weather.com/


Services Wanted/Offered

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Nik of all Trades- Services available for home, garden and office:
-Gardening – from weeding to landscaping, stonework (walls, paths, etc) a speciality. Transport and tools all provided by me, my time can be hired in 3 time slots of 4, 6 and 8 hours at a cost of 50€, 75€ and 100€ respectively plus any required materials at cost or fixed price quote if you prefer.
-Small construction/demolition jobs – walls, fencing, guttering, tiling etc. costs as above or fixed price quote if you prefer.
-Painting and decorating – interior or exterior, tools all supplied, materials extra at cost . costs as above or fixed price quote if you prefer.
Evenings, weekends and holidays both Spanish and English are all included at no extra cost. I am always busy and usually require between 2 and 4 weeks notice before I can start work but I can usually carry out quotations fairly quickly.
Check my website for examples of my work  www.nikofalltrades.es
Email enquiries or for more information to 
nikash2 at hotmail dot com or just write that email address or web address down somewhere in case you may need me in the future! I am a DigameXtra sponsor and so my contact info is available in the sponsors section below as well. There is also a contact form available on the website.
References/recommendations available from the UK and Spain
Based in Competa but can travel anywhere in Digameland. Quotations are completely free! 


Pet Care: Good morning, if you want to go for a walk to get to know other beautiful towns in Spain, or travel further, we take care of your pet, in a family environment, (without cages or kennels), we take it out for a walk 4 times a day, watch T.V. With us, if you need special attention, we are trained to take care of you with a lot of love. We are Silvia and Mario, we are in the town of Torrox, we have a house near the Plaza de la Constitución, please contact us
by WhatsApp, 0034 666782766. Thank you! 


Accepting Job Applications: Do you want to be part of the new Feroche Beach Bar team? Torrox Costa. Send your resume by WhatsApp 658145950 or email: ferochelacabria@gmail.com  FB 


Items For Sale / Wanted / Rent

Click on pics to enlarge

How to post more photos than the rules allow – use collages. The limit is one pic per item/event. You can combine several of your photos into a single collage photo by using this free online collage creation tool. It’s very easy to use, give it a try! https://www.photocollage.com/

Halting Erosion Using Vetiver Grass from Vetiver Spain:
Vetiver Grass is a fast growing non-invasive clumping grass that grows to 2 metres in height. It has a root system that grows to 3-4 metres deep and they are very strong.
The National Geographic Magazine has called them “Roots of Steel”.
Once Vetiver is established it is drought resistant.
We are located in Sayalonga and we can plant all year round but February and March are the best months to plant Vetiver. Vetiver loves the heat of a long summer to get established.
Decomposing Vetiver used as a mulch, improves soil quality, keeps the weeds down and the insects away as it is a natural insect repellent. It is in the same family as Lemon Grass, which we also carry.
Vetiver also is a nutritious and replenishable animal feed. Horses, cattle, and pigs love it.
We use Vetiver along driveways and sidewalks. It also makes a great and inexpensive Ornamental hedge.
To see more photos and videos please visit our DATA storage site located at http://www.vetiverspain.org.
This month we have some special offers that include shipping.
For more information or to organize a visit please contact us.
Our retail website: www.vetiverspain.com
Email: info@vetiverspain.com
Telephone or Whatsapp at (34) 692 288 657
David and Anna
Here is a link to a short video showing the results. VIDEO LINK



For Sale, 2 items: Ladies Moccasins, 2 pairs brand new, size 39. Wrong size delivered.
-1 pair Denim
-1 pair in a grey/brown suede
I paid 70 euros for the 2 pairs. Price 30 euros per pair ONO.
Contact Mave on mavemoore@ymail.com or phone 626576580. Competa.


For Sale: TV cabinet with glass doors, turntable top. Suitable for corner position. 920mm wide at front, 670 rear. 560mm deep, 620mm high. Two shelves for DVD player/Satellite box/IPT box and storage. €30. Can be dismantled to pack flat. Bob, Sayalonga


For Sale: Tyres. 4 x Continental tyres size 225/55 R 17 Y good condition; plenty of tread. 240 euro for 4 (new they cost 130 euro per tyre). Buyer picks up (in Nerja), will not split; must buy all 4.
Julia, Nerja 694448600 also WhatsApp 



Wanted: Wrist watches. Watch collector looking for all types of wrist watches Swiss made, Japanese, or any others considered.
Send photo and prices to Ernie WhatsApp 616812765 or
email: ernestiznate at hotmail dot co dot uk


News & Articles

(Click the link to read the full article) 
{ Translations by www.DeepL.com/Translator }


Covid Spain- Health records 56.633 new infections and the incidence goes up another four points to the 466 cases: {Translation} 29/03/2022 17:22
-The incidence of coronavirus has risen slightly on Tuesday to 466.51 cases per 100,000 population over the past 14 days. On Friday, it had stood at 461.86 cases, although since the new counting system began, with data collected twice a week (Tuesday & Friday) instead of daily, the evolution of cases has followed an irregular path, with slight rises and falls, although below the barrier of 500 cases, at a high risk level.
-By autonomous communities, the regions with the highest incidence rates are the Canary Islands and Galicia, with over 900 cases, and Extremadura, with over 800. Meanwhile, those reporting the lowest rates are Castilla-La Mancha, Madrid, Castilla y León and Andalusia, below the Spanish average. Andalusia, with 9,771 new positive cases; Valencia, with 9,321; and Madrid, with 6,940 cases since Friday, are the three regions where the number of positive cases has increased the most.
-There has been a slight decrease in hospitalisations due to COVID-19 and in the percentage of people admitted to hospital, both on the ward and in the ICU. In the case of the ICU, the number of patients with the coronavirus fell to 5.4% of occupied beds. Source, Spanish: https://www.eldiario.es/sociedad/sanidad-registra-56-633-nuevos-contagios-incidencia-sube-cuatro-puntos-466-casos_1_8870450.html


Covid Andalucia- More than 6,500 infections and 23 deaths in Andalusia in the last four days: {Translation, summary} 29/03/2022 13:51
-Andalusia has recorded 6,568 infections in the last four days, while the number of deaths has risen by 23, and the incidence rate stands at 319.5 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last fourteen days, nine and a half points higher, according to data published on Tuesday under the Junta’s decision to include the figures only two days a week.
-Andalusian hospitals have this Saturday 551 patients with coronavirus, 31 less than last Saturday; in the ICU are 57 of them, two less than last Saturday.
-The provinces with the highest rate are Huelva with 422.1 and Malaga, with 421.7, while the lowest is Seville, with 209.4 cases per hundred thousand inhabitants in the last fourteen days.
-There have been eight deaths in Seville; four in Almeria, two in Jaen, Huelva, Granada, Cordoba and Cadiz, and one in Malaga.
-The hospitalisations by province were distributed in Almeria 31 of which four in ICU, Cadiz (83 and 4); Cordoba (45 and 9); Granada (56 and 4); Huelva (24 and 2); Jaen (53 and 5); Malaga (134 and 11), and Seville (125 and 18). Source, Spanish: https://andaluciainformacion.es/andalucia/1039368/mas-de-6500-contagios-y-23-muertos-en-los-ultimos-cuatro-dias-en-andalucia/


Covid Scotland- Record breaking levels of Covid related hospitalisations recorded: Some 2383 people were in hospital on Monday with recently confirmed coronavirus, up 23 on the day before.
The new statistics also show that 8311 new cases of coronavirus were also recorded, with 39 new Covid-linked deaths.
Of those in hospital, 20 were in intensive care with recently confirmed Covid-19. Full article: https://www.thenational.scot/news/20028834.covid-scotland-record-breaking-levels-hospitalisations-recorded/


Spain approves emergency package to tackle high energy bills, waits for EU approval: Spain will cut connection fees and tax excess profits on newly signed electricity supply contracts as part of a multi-billion euro emergency package to cushion businesses and consumers from soaring energy prices, the government said on Tuesday.
Initially announced on Monday, the cabinet approved on Tuesday the 16 billion euro ($18 billion) package of soft loans and direct aid that also includes measures to cap rental increases and boost employment of young people and women.
Of the total package, most of which still needs to be approved by the European Commission, 6 billion euros will come as direct aid and tax cuts mostly extended from a previous package related to the COVID-19 pandemic, while the remaining 10 billion euros are subsidised loans. (So they are repurposing funds that were intended for Covid Economic Recovery to pay for Energy Crisis Relief?!? Will these funds be repaid to the Covid Recovery Program for which they were intended, to cover economic damage from Covid that still exists and is still waiting to receive these same funds? If not, this is classic “robbing Peter to pay Paul.”  -Ed.) Full article: https://www.reuters.com/business/energy/spain-spend-25-bln-euros-cut-interconnection-fees-power-hungry-industries-2022-03-29/


The limit of the rise in rents will be automatic for large property owners and negotiated for small: The Government detailed this Tuesday “a historic measure” to alleviate the impact of the current inflation peak “on people who rent their homes”: the limitation of rent revaluation to 2% for three months. This measure, included in the Royal Decree Law approved by the Council of Ministers, will apply to contracts that are updated from the time the rule is published in the Official State Gazette (BOE) until June 30.
Full article in English: https://spainsnews.com/the-limit-on-rent-increases-will-be-automatic-for-large-owners-and-negotiated-for-small-ones/
Spanish original: https://www.eldiario.es/economia/limite-subida-alquileres-sera-automatico-grandes-propietarios-negociado-pequenos_1_8871338.html


The Council of Europe “deplores” the “lack of improvements” in the face of corruption in “the National Police and the Civil Guard”:
The Council of Europe suspends Spain for the lack of progress in the fight against corruption in the central State Administration and, in particular, in the National Police and the Civil Guard. This is established in the latest evaluation report by GRECO –Group of States against Corruption– of the pan-European institution, not dependent on the EU, which brings together 47 countries. GRECO put 19 tasks to Spain three years ago, and according to its review, “Spain has not satisfactorily implemented or dealt with satisfactorily any of the 19 recommendations: seven have been partially implemented and 12 have not been implemented”. Full article: https://spainsnews.com/the-council-of-europe-deplores-the-lack-of-improvements-in-the-face-of-corruption-in-the-national-police-and-the-civil-guard/


Andalusia receives 1st delivery of new Paxlovid antiviral medication by Pfizer, intended for patients who, despite having mild symptoms of Covid-19 may evolve to serious risk: {Translation, summary}
-The drug acts to control the progression of the infection, curb hospitalisation and deaths.
-Of the 2,129 doses, 853 have been received at the Virgen del Rocío Hospital in Seville, another 638 have been sent to Bidafarma’s facilities, also in Seville, and another similar amount to the pharmacy in Granada.
-In total, Spain has received 11,900 treatments of Paxlovid, of the total of 344,000 it has purchased from the pharmaceutical company for this year, which will be arriving in the coming weeks to reach 50,000 this quarter.
-This drug, which consists of three orally administered tablets, should be administered as soon as possible after diagnosis of Covid-19 and within five days of the onset of symptoms.
-With the endorsement of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and conditional authorisation for administration in Spain, it has shown 89% efficacy in reducing the relative risk of hospitalisation or death in mild patients with a high risk of progression to severe Covid-19. Source, Spanish: https://www.granadadigital.es/llegan-granada-dosis-antiviral-paxlovid-pfizer/ 


Vélez-Málaga opens the application of enrolment in the Municipal child-care centres for the course 2022-2023: {Translation}
-The Town Hall of Vélez-Málaga has opened the application period for new admissions to the two Municipal Nursery Schools for the 2022-2023 school year and is making available 123 places out of a total of 201, distributed between the nursery school ‘La Fortaleza’ in Vélez-Málaga, which has 63 vacancies and ‘Virgen del Carmen’ in Torre del Mar, which offers 60; as the remaining places are occupied by the current students who are moving on from the school year. The application period is from the 1st to the 30th of April.
-To apply online, you must access the website of the Consejería de Educación y Deporte de la Junta de Andalucía (Regional Ministry of Education and Sport of the Andalusian Regional Government):
To apply in person at the educational centres, it is necessary to make an appointment during opening hours, from 9:30 to 13:30, Monday to Friday, by calling the following telephone numbers:
Nursery School ‘La Fortaleza’ in Vélez-Málaga: 95 250 33 02 – 600 726 219
Nursery School ‘Virgen del Carmen’ in Torre del Mar: 95 254 10 45 – 667 321 635 Source, Spanish: https://www.axarquiaplus.es/velez-malaga-abre-el-plazo-de-solicitud-de-matriculacion-en-las-guarderias-municipales-para-el-curso-2022-2023/


Russia says it will scale back near Kyiv as talks progress: Russia announced Tuesday it will significantly scale back military operations near Ukraine’s capital and a northern city, as the outlines of a possible deal to end the grinding war came into view at the latest round of talks.
Ukraine’s delegation at the conference, held in Istanbul, laid out a framework under which the country would declare itself neutral and its security would be guaranteed by an array of other nations.
Moscow’s public reaction was positive, and the negotiations are expected to resume on Wednesday. Amid the talks, Russian Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Fomin said Moscow has decided to “fundamentally … cut back military activity in the direction of Kyiv and Chernihiv” to “increase mutual trust and create conditions for further negotiations.” Full article: https://apnews.com/article/russia-ukraine-zelenskyy-ap-top-news-europe-istanbul-4625afe04bd10a05c14914bb9f4ef0b0


EXPLAINER- What would paying for natural gas in rubles mean?:
-Europe imports large amounts of Russian natural gas to heat homes, generate electricity and fuel industry, and those imports have continued despite the war in Ukraine.
-Around 60% of imports are paid in euros, and the rest in dollars. Putin wants to change that by requiring foreign gas importers to purchase rubles and use them to pay state-owned supplier Gazprom.
-Asked by reporters if Russia could cut gas supplies to European customers if they reject the demand to pay in rubles, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said in a conference call Monday that “we clearly aren’t going to supply gas for free.” “In our situation, it’s hardly possible and feasible to engage in charity for Europe,” Peskov said.
Full article: https://apnews.com/article/russia-ukraine-putin-business-europe-germany-71cc598cce85a5429e0401cd2c147fa1



Scientists Spot Signs of Huge Ice Volcanoes on Pluto: A team of scientists spotted evidence of relatively recent ice volcanoes on Pluto, advancing our understanding of the dwarf planet’s surface-sculpting activities. Pluto’s ice volcanoes are impressive, with some reaching 4.3 miles (7 kilometers) in height. They’re found in an area with few impact craters, hinting the volcanoes spewed out slush that reshaped the surface relatively recently in the dwarf planet’s history.
-The team released a perspective view of the cryovolcanic region that gives us a good idea of what the area would look like if we were to send a camera down to get a bird’s eye view.
-Scientists have seen evidence of cryovolcanism in other parts of the solar system, notably on dwarf planet Ceres and Saturn’s moon Titan. The study’s authors say Pluto’s ice volcanoes and distinct surface and atmospheric conditions make it “unique among the visited places in the solar system.” Photo of Pluto’s  surface:NASA. Full article: https://www.cnet.com/science/space/scientists-spot-signs-of-huge-ice-volcanoes-on-pluto/ 

COVID Info References

Municipal Rates Map  https://www.mapacovid.es/ 

For the latest COVID-19 statistics visit:


Spain Coronavirus Data from Spain’s Ministerio de Sanidad, Official Covid-19 Pages:

Coronavirus Cases in Andalucia, Axarquia, Costa del Sol & Malaga Province:

UK Coronavirus:

COVID-19 VIRUS HOTLINE: Information hotline for those who suspect they may have the coronavirus. Anyone experiencing symptoms should stay at home and dial 900 400 061 or 955 545 060 – and only call 112 in an emergency.

A Spanish gov’t site in English with travel docs & requirements info: 


Humour Section

Free Comic Strips provided by https://comicskingdom.com/

Exchange quotes (x-rates.com)

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Cinesur El Ingenio Films schedule: You can find the film schedule at this link. Films tagged as (VOSE) are in the original language with Spanish subtitles. 

Useful Links, Info & Numbers

Petrol Prices – Updated daily: These are the fuel stations in Malaga province with the lowest prices. The price data for 95 and 98-octane petrol and diesel fuel is updated every day. See it here:

Weekly Markets
Monday: Torrox Costa
Tuesday: Nerja, Salobrena
Wednesday: Rincon de la Victoria, Algarrobo Costa
Thursday: Velez Malaga, Torre del Mar, Frigiliana
Friday: Almunecar, Salobrena, La Herradura- Summers only
Saturday: Competa, Mezquitilla@Algarrobo behind the Sala Ottowa
Sunday: Velez Malaga, Nerja Car Boot

Nerja 952 524 519
Torrox: 952 531 030
Frigiliana: 952 533 231

Phone numbers for emergencies
Emergency Svcs.: 112
National Police: 091
Guardia Civil: 062
Ambulance: 061
Fire Station (Bomberos): 080
Emergency English Help Line: 902 102 112

Local Police
Torrox: 952 539 828
Nerja: 952 521 545
Frigiliana: 952 533 126
Torre del Mar: 952 549 238

Local News in English, The Sur: http://www.surinenglish.com/
Spain National News in English, El Pais: https://elpais.com/elpais/inenglish.html
Local Weather: https://www.accuweather.com/en/es/torre-del-mar/306652/weather-forecast/306652
Bus Info: https://www.alsa.com/en/web/bus/our-destinations/regional
Currency Converter: http://www.currency-converter.com/
Internet Speed Test: http://beta.speedtest.net/
Local Bank Holidays: http://www.officeholidays.com/countries/spain/index.php  UK Newspaper Front Pages and Worldwide Newspapers All On One Site: https://www.thepaperboy.com/uk/front-pages.cfm

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