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In Aid of CAS: Easter Afternoon Tea, 18Apr Monday 3pm
Easter Bonnet Competition & Raffle, €15pp
Urb. Puente el Aguila, C/ Calera 3 bajo, Casa Roma, Maro
Book at shop or call 643 515 428 


LA Custom Band: Sunday April 3rd at 18.00, Chiringuito La Inopia
Playa Torre de Benagalbon (between the barracks and the old station) 29738 Rincón de la Victoria FB 


Debut- Smoky Joe Rock Band: Sat, 23Apr 9pm
Venue- Elartsenal Inoxis, Camino de la Reina, 3, 29120 Alhaurín el Grande (Málaga) Tel. +34 629 60 94 04 


Marina Plaza- Sotogrande: Events
-Mama Paula Band, Tuesday 19Apr 8pm, €10pp
-International Jazz Day party with Chocolate Charlie & the Jazz Factory, Sat, 30Apr 8pm, €10pp
Tickets for all shows at Fresco Gastro Bar.
Reserve Tel 956616011. Only paid reservations will be secured.
Ribera del Martin 20, 11310 Sotogrande 


Fuengirola hosts the Sohail Jazz & World Music Experience on June 17 and 18 at Castle Sohail: See the lineup and buy tickets at


Ten Day Weather Forecast from https://weather.com/


Services Wanted/Offered

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Cómpeta Solar:
-Solar Electric (PV) (Self-Consumption)
-Grid Connected or Off Grid Solar Electric
-Solar Hot Water
-Solar Pool Heating
-Heat Pumps
-Installation and Repairs
Contact: Malcolm Butcher. Tel: +34 652970608 (Spain) Competa
Email: info AT competasolar DOT es Web: www.competasolar.es


Greek House– Greek Casita Restaurant, Torrox Costa: Hours, 6:30pm to close, Wednesday thru Sunday. Closed Monday & Tuesday.
Located on the sea promenade, between the Safari bar and Picadero restaurants, BLQ 80 bajo. We offer you a little piece of Greece with our Greek home made specialities. You can choose meat specialties (Gyros, Souvlaki, Bifteki, Sutsukaki, Mussaka), cheese (Feta Psiti, Feta Saganaki, Hallumi), vegetables (Greek salad, Hummus, Eggplant cream, Mezze, Tzatziki) or sea fruits ( prawns or octopus), all of this accompanied with our special Greek pita bread. We offer a lovely meal time in a quiet end exquisite atmosphere, accompanied with the best Greek music. See you soon! For reservations call telephone number 642585049. https://la-casita-griega.business.site/



Malagalingo Spanish School: News
Do you want to improve your oral Spanish level in just one week?
Come to our INTENSIVE COURSES, for all levels from absolute beginners.
Do you want to learn some Spanish in a relaxed and fun environment?
Come to our ONLY CONVERSATION LESSONS for all levels from absolute beginners. Every Tuesday and Thursday for only 7€/hr. No need to register
All our lessons at LARGE OUTDOOR TERRACE
See more information in the photos below or contact us at
Malagalingo Spanish School
+ (34) 650 479 493
Facebook: malagalingo



Items For Sale / Wanted / Rent

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How to post more photos than the rules allow – use collages. The limit is one pic per item/event. You can combine several of your photos into a single collage photo by using this free online collage creation tool. It’s very easy to use, give it a try! https://www.photocollage.com/

For Sale: Mi Electric Scooter 1S – this is a brand new electric scooter, still in its delivery box – an unwanted gift. Currently on sale from Amazon at 399€ (Check out the spec there) Available here at 350€. Contact Richard in Caleta on 617282970 


For Sale- This is the last one of these great little units I have to sell: New Super Mini PC, DoctorLaptop Customized. Windows 11 Pro, 6Gb RAM, 2 SSD hard drives- 120Gb System drive + 240Gb Storage drive, Processor: Intel Celeron J4125, 2.0GHz base, 2.7GHz boost.
2x HDMI, VGA, Ethernet, 2x USB 2, 2x USB 3, Audio miniplug, Dual Band Wifi 2.4/5. Video: Can support 3 displays simultaneously, 4k HD. I have new Logitech business quality UK keyboards available for €25, if you need one.
Price €300, no offers. 30 day cash back warranty on hardware.
Naythan, Torrox Costa. Buyer collects.


Wanted: We are looking for a child’s cot for a 1-3 year old. We already have a travel cot but require a larger cot for grandchildren. We are leaving for UK shortly but will be back in June and can pick up then. Contact Gail / Nerja, on
Email: jvb.educational@telefonica.net


Recommendations & Requests

Tiles: We got these great tiles from a shop in Torrox Pueblo which sadly has closed down. They are 700mm x 300mm, some green, some white and some with salad or fruit. Now we need some more of the green but don’t know where to get them. If anyone knows the proprietor of the shop who might remember the name of the manufacturer, that would be great. Michael, Maro


Electrician handyman: I am looking for an electrician / handyman for a very small project. I have two old cameras that I would like to turn into table lamps. Deborah in Torrox


Customs advice: Has anyone and advice on a package held by customs in Madrid since end of January? I have glasses that were in for repair, not ready when I returned to Spain. I have filled in the required customs form sent to me. The Correos is now advising me to make a reclamation. Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you. Valerie. El Morche. 629648269.


Air-conditioner servicing: Can anyone recommend a company that services air-conditioning units? Thank you. Caroline, Cutar
Email: caroline.hayling AT yahoo D0T com



News & Articles

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{ Translations by www.DeepL.com/Translator }


Gas tariffs go up by 10% from today, double the amount announced by the government: {Translation}
-Regulated gas tariffs (TUR) will rise from tomorrow, Friday, by an average of 10% compared to those in force since 1 January, although the third vice-president of the Government and Minister for Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, said on Tuesday after the Council of Ministers that the increase would be a maximum of 5%.
-Curiously, the same figure was repeated this morning by the Secretary of State for Energy, Sara Aagesen, at an event with the energy sector and when the BOE had already published the new rates that come into force today after the corresponding quarterly review.
-The truth is that, as this newspaper has verified, the TUR 1 (annual consumption of less than 5,000 kWh) has increased by 9.24% (the variable part); TUR 2 (annual consumption between 5,000 kWh and 15,000 kWh), 9.94%; and TUR 3 (annual consumption between 15,000 kWh and 50,000 kWh), another 10.53%.
-In order to dilute the sharp increase in tariffs, the ministry headed by Teresa Ribera is only talking about an increase in the ‘annual bill’ of 6.93%, excluding taxes, for ‘average consumers’ of the TUR 1, TUR 2 and TUR 3 with respect to the current tariffs. Thus, the increase for TUR 1 consumers is 5.91%, 7.24% for TUR 2 and 7.92% for TUR 3.
-It should be remembered that the tariffs in force since 1 January have already risen by another 10% on average and were published on Christmas Day. Source, Spanish: https://sevilla.abc.es/economia/abci-tarifas-suben-10-por-ciento-desde-manana-doble-anunciado-gobierno-202203311623_noticia.html


La Organización de Consumidores y Usuarios (OCU) considers government measures to combat price rises insufficient: {Translation} 31Mar22 10:00
-The Organisation of Consumers and Users (OCU) considers the measures approved today by the Council of Ministers to mitigate the effects of the rise in prices and energy to be positive, but clearly insufficient, and calls for more forcefulness and speed in order to have a real effect on the battered economy of families.
-In the absence of a detailed analysis of the small print, to be published in the Official State Gazette, OCU considers that the measures announced, although positive, are clearly insufficient. An example of this is the announced reduction of 20 cents in fuel prices. According to OCU calculations, for an average household the reduction will mean a saving of €65 in the case of diesel and €75 in the case of petrol, over the next three months as a whole. OCU denounces that, despite the reduction, fuel prices will remain well above the prices we had at the beginning of the year. On the other hand, it calls for controls on fuel prices to prevent any anomalous price increases as a result of this measure.
-OCU believes that this reduction is insufficient and calls for the temporary suspension of all energy-related taxes. It recalls that it is the State which, in this exceptional situation, is the main beneficiary of the increase in fuel prices.
-With regard to electricity, the OCU considers that the measures known so far are not very ambitious and urges that their implementation be speeded up as much as possible. With regard to the extension of the number of families benefiting from the social voucher, OCU points out that there are currently many families who, despite meeting the requirements, do not access the social voucher due to a lack of information and the difficulties in accessing and maintaining it. For this reason, the OCU considers it a priority that, in addition to increasing the number of theoretical beneficiaries, the focus should be placed on facilitating access to the social voucher. To this end, it calls for the granting of the social bonus to be an automatic process.
-For OCU, the main problem revolves around electricity pricing, with a marginalist system that amplifies the effects of the spectacular rise in gas prices on international markets. OCU insists on the need to effectively decouple the price of gas from the price of electricity as the only way to produce an effective reduction in the electricity bill that affects consumers, but also the economy in general. OCU, in the absence of other long-term measures, proposes that the exceptional nature of the current situation be translated into a proposal for a maximum price for gas-fired generation plants of no more than 35-40 euros.
-In terms of rent, the OCU considers the announced measure of limiting the increase to 2% to be ineffective and difficult to implement. The Organisation believes that it would be more appropriate to establish aid for tenants in vulnerable situations in accordance with the minimum living income.
-For all these reasons, the OCU considers the announced measures to be clearly insufficient and calls for more forceful and immediate action. A temporary suspension of energy taxes and the necessary adjustments to reduce the price of electricity and avoid its impact on other products and services. Source, Spanish:


Unvaccinated UK Travellers Can Now Enter France Under Facilitated Rules: Under the new rules, UK nationals who have not been vaccinated against the COVID-19 disease will be permitted entry to France as long as they present a negative test result taken recently. The French Ministry of Interior explains that the country accepts both PCR and rapid antigen tests. This means that unvaccinated Britons can either present a PCR test taken within the last 72 hours or a rapid antigen test taken within the last 48 hours in order to be permitted entry to France without having to meet any other additional measures. Full article: https://www.schengenvisainfo.com/news/unvaccinated-uk-travellers-can-now-enter-france-under-facilitated-rules/


Putin tells Europe- pay in rubles or we’ll cut off your gas: Putin said the switch to rubles would strengthen Russia’s sovereignty. He said the West was using the financial system as a weapon, and it made no sense for Russia to trade in dollars and euros when assets in those currencies were being frozen.
-“What is actually happening, what has already happened? We have supplied European consumers with our resources, in this case gas. They received it, paid us in euros, which they then froze themselves. In this regard, there is every reason to believe that we delivered part of the gas provided to Europe practically free of charge,” he said. “That, of course, cannot continue,” Putin said, although he said Russia still valued its business reputation and would continue to meet obligations in its gas and other contracts.
-Under the mechanism decreed by Putin, foreign buyers would use special accounts at Gazprombank to pay for the gas. Gazprombank would buy rubles on behalf of the gas buyer and transfer rubles to another account, the order said. Full article: https://www.reuters.com/business/energy/russia-sets-deadline-rouble-gas-payments-europe-calls-it-blackmail-2022-03-31/ 


Formula 1 News- Las Vegas to host night time F1 Grand Prix in 2023: Las Vegas will bring its glitz and glamour to F1 from next year with the addition of a night race to the calendar – meaning the US will host three events in 2023.
The Grand Prix joins Austin, Texas and the new Miami race – which makes its debut this season – in what will be a unique event which shakes up the standard weekend.
The race itself will be held on a Saturday evening instead of the usual Sunday to make the most of possible TV viewership, and it is possible the lights will not go out until 10pm local time – meaning fans in the UK would be able to watch in the early hours of the morning.
The finer details are yet to be announced, but it is reported that the Grand Prix will be held in November, possibly to coincide with the Thanksgiving weekend.
Vegas has already hosted races in 1981 and 1982, but this will be the first time it will take in the main sights of the desert city, featuring the iconic Vegas Strip. Photo:@pegsguy. Full article: https://www.eurosport.com/formula-1/formula-1-las-vegas-to-host-night-time-f1-grand-prix-in-2023_sto8867081/story.shtml 

COVID Info References

Municipal Rates Map  https://www.mapacovid.es/ 

For the latest COVID-19 statistics visit:


Spain Coronavirus Data from Spain’s Ministerio de Sanidad, Official Covid-19 Pages:

Coronavirus Cases in Andalucia, Axarquia, Costa del Sol & Malaga Province:

UK Coronavirus:

COVID-19 VIRUS HOTLINE: Information hotline for those who suspect they may have the coronavirus. Anyone experiencing symptoms should stay at home and dial 900 400 061 or 955 545 060 – and only call 112 in an emergency.

A Spanish gov’t site in English with travel docs & requirements info: 


Churches & Worship

New Life Church
Whether you live in Nerja or are visiting our area, we would be delighted to welcome you to New Life Church. Our meetings are characterised by uplifting songs, relevant sermons and a modern but reverent service.
During this time of uncertainty, God’s word reminds us that the Gospel shines brightest in times of darkness. We are a Bible based Church community continuing to help people find their way to God through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.
Jesus said, “I am the Way and the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me“
Sunday Service 11.00am
Prayer Meetings Wednesdays 11.00am
Pasaje San Miguel, Nerja ; Directions: Click Here 
Email: info@nlcnerja.com
Website: https://www.nlcnerja.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/nlcnerja 


El Puente Christian Fellowship – Sunday Service
El Puente Christian Fellowship is a loving, multi-national, Bible believing community of Christ, who meet each Sunday at 11 am to worship The Lord. We enjoy a time of worship with contemporary songs and traditional hymns, and a message brought to us by one of the Elders or a visiting speaker.
The church meeting hall is situated underneath Maroma Inmobiliaria Puente Don Manuel, Cruce de Periana – 29713.
Full directions and further information can be found on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/El-Puente-Christian-Fellowship-105285888299225/or please contact us by email on elpuentechristianfellowship@gmail.com. For those who cannot join us in person, we aim to stream Sunday services via the Facebook page (subject to a good internet connection!). 


St George’s Church Málaga: We are part of the Church of England in Spain covering the area from Torremolinos in the west to the outskirts of Nerja in the east and to the northern edge of Malaga province. 
We have three worship centres, in Velez-Málaga, Málaga city and Salinas. Everyone is welcome to our Sunday services in English, and you can also contact us to enquire about baptisms, marriage blessings, funerals, and house blessings. 
Father Louis, our Chaplain, is available for counsel and support, regardless of anyone’s beliefs or background. We aspire to be a welcoming and inclusive community, open to all people seeking faith and friendship. 
If you can’t get to church, we live-stream our Sunday services on Facebook, and also gather on Zoom for an informal service on Wednesday mornings. 
Sign up for our newsletter by emailing Father Louis at malagachaplain@gmail.com to receive login details, and news of other future events. We look forward to welcoming you and being of service.
Website: www.stgeorgemalaga.org & Facebook 


Lux Mundi, Torre del Mar Church Services: 
-Catholic Mass in English at Lux Mundi, Torre del Mar. Every Saturday at 17.00. Tel: 952 543 334.
-St Barnabas IERE (Anglican) Torre del Mar, Morning prayer 1st Sunday, Holy Communion 2nd, 3rd and 4th at 11am. Tel: 657286284
Lux Mundi Ecumenical Centre, Torre del Mar, Avda. Moscatel 1”I”, (Jardines Viña Malága/Antigua Casa de la Viña), Torre del Mar, 29740. Tel: 952 543 334 


The Anglican Chaplaincy of Nerja & Almunecar:
The Anglican Chaplaincy of Nerja & Almunecar holds a midday (12 noon) Eucharist service at San Miguel church in Nerja every Sunday. San Miguel is to be found in Plaza Andalucia. See map https://goo.gl/maps/nCMt8XqAQvuyZiaE8
NB while the building work on the main church roof is undertaken, please use the door on Calle San Francisco – at the back of the church buildings – to access our Sunday services.
Iglesia de San Miguel (St Michael’s Church) is within easy walking distance of Nerja Bus Station. Free on street parking may be found close to Plaza Andalucia or off street in the Dustbowl car park.
A midweek Eucharist service is held by Zoom each Wednesday at 9.30 am and a simple service of Compline also takes place by Zoom on Thursdays at 6pm.
Residents and visitors are welcome at our services.
For more information and to register for the link to the Zoom services please refer to our website. https://www.nerjaalmunecaranglicanchurch.co.uk/


Humour Section

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Cinesur El Ingenio Films schedule: You can find the film schedule at this link. Films tagged as (VOSE) are in the original language with Spanish subtitles. 

Useful Links, Info & Numbers

Petrol Prices – Updated daily: These are the fuel stations in Malaga province with the lowest prices. The price data for 95 and 98-octane petrol and diesel fuel is updated every day. See it here:

Weekly Markets
Monday: Torrox Costa
Tuesday: Nerja, Salobrena
Wednesday: Rincon de la Victoria, Algarrobo Costa
Thursday: Velez Malaga, Torre del Mar, Frigiliana
Friday: Almunecar, Salobrena, La Herradura- Summers only
Saturday: Competa, Mezquitilla@Algarrobo behind the Sala Ottowa
Sunday: Velez Malaga, Nerja Car Boot

Nerja 952 524 519
Torrox: 952 531 030
Frigiliana: 952 533 231

Phone numbers for emergencies
Emergency Svcs.: 112
National Police: 091
Guardia Civil: 062
Ambulance: 061
Fire Station (Bomberos): 080
Emergency English Help Line: 902 102 112

Local Police
Torrox: 952 539 828
Nerja: 952 521 545
Frigiliana: 952 533 126
Torre del Mar: 952 549 238

Local News in English, The Sur: http://www.surinenglish.com/
Spain National News in English, El Pais: https://elpais.com/elpais/inenglish.html
Local Weather: https://www.accuweather.com/en/es/torre-del-mar/306652/weather-forecast/306652
Bus Info: https://www.alsa.com/en/web/bus/our-destinations/regional
Currency Converter: http://www.currency-converter.com/
Internet Speed Test: http://beta.speedtest.net/
Local Bank Holidays: http://www.officeholidays.com/countries/spain/index.php  UK Newspaper Front Pages and Worldwide Newspapers All On One Site: https://www.thepaperboy.com/uk/front-pages.cfm

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