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CORONA VIRUS HOTLINE: Information hotline for those who suspect they may have the coronavirus. Anyone experiencing symptoms should stay at home and dial 900 400 061 or 955 545 060 – and only call 112 in an emergency. http://www.surinenglish.com/local/202003/13/hotline-those-suspect-they-20200313114414-v.html

NOTICE! : Most events are cancelled or postponed due to the pandemic. All stores besides food markets and pharmacies are closed. (Food delivery services may be possible, but confirm it). Confirm any business you intend to visit remains open. Business and Services posts in DigameXtra do not indicate the business is open during the lockdown unless they specifically mention they are remaining open.  -Ed.

When you need reliable info consult The Citizens Advice Bureau Spain at https://www.citizensadvice.org.es/…or the website or Facebook page of your local Town Hall (Ayuntamiento). I suggest you check it daily. BEWARE OF FAKEBOOK HOAXES & POORLY RESEARCHED NEWS ARTICLES !


Sponsor’s Notice: While I did continue posting sponsor banners daily and auto repeat posts weekly, all sponsor accounts were put on hold during the lockdown.
I am not including the lockdown time against your sponsor donations. As soon as it is confirmed we enter Phase 1 next Monday I will reactivate all sponsor accounts. You will be given credit for the entire lockdown time as I will add those approx 56 days to your account balance. I will send out account updates to all sponsors at that time.
Two sponsors, Vetliver and SPW Construction, have so far indicated they do not wish to receive any “free time” credit; that is very generous and greatly appreciated! I’ve been working my ass off during the lockdown to keep DigameXtra going; it’s a lot more work when I am providing most of the content myself. Hopefully I can resume the normal operations with primarily reader submitted content next Monday.
Hope you are doing well, and thanks for your continued support. -Ed.


What’s On

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Grateful To Be Allowed Outdoors Celebration Issue

A Video To Celebrate The Relaxation Of Lockdown- WE WILL SURVIVE (Touch of Grey) by The Grateful Dead!

One For The Deadheads: A huge online collection of live Grateful Dead concerts you can listen to online for FREE!
Bass players/fans alert– hear the two baddest bass notes IMHO ever played, at 3:00 and 3:30 of this track, I Know You Rider, Tampa FL 1985 ( the Dead’s Phil Lesh on a custom 6 string custom Alebmic bass, with a nitrous tank on stage he was hitting heavily ). These notes are so low that if you have good speakers and ears you will hear them as a series of rapid clicks rather than a continuous tone, on the very bottom end of the human audible scale. The Dead had resurrected the infamous “Wall of Sound” system for this part of the tour. I was there taping the show and seriously worried that those notes would break my Nak 300 shotgun mics. The version of the song I link to below is a SBD/AUD matrix recording done by a friend, better quality than mine since he was allowed to plug into the soundboard as well as use his AKG condenser mics. Be careful of your speaker volume when you listen to this! Sorry Entwhistle fans, I loved John’s playing, and he may well have had faster fingers, as did Jaco Pastorius, but they never went this low. The only other bass notes that come close are Allen Woody with the Allman Brothers playing Whipping Post on a custom 18 string bass in the early 90’s. What makes me an authority on bass notes? I was Allen Woody’s personal recording engineer 1990-1999, and archivist/engineer for both the Allman Bros and Gov’t Mule tours for that decade, besides working at or attending many hundreds of other concerts including 416 Dead shows over the years. Yes, I am available for recording/mixing/mastering/producing services.
Listen to this remarkable version of I Know You Rider, Tampa FL 1985 here. Open the link and click the play button: https://archive.org/details/gd1985-10-26.126295.chasingwilma.flac24/gd1985-10-26-24bits02t02.flac
Evidently other iconic bass players also liked this very special custom instrument, just look at Jack Cassidy’s face (bass player for Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna)!


La Vuelta Bicycle Race Rescheduled: One of the world’s top road races, La Vuelta will now start in October, after the mid-August start in the Netherlands was scrapped due to the coronavirus crisis. There is one major drawback in that the event will clash with the last few days of another rearranged race, the Giro d’Italia. La Vuelta will now start on October 25, meaning a five-day overlap with the Italian Grand Tour event which will begin on October 3.
That will mean that the world’s top cyclists will have to make a decision over which event to enter, with the Tour de France rescheduled to begin on August 29. Full article: https://www.euroweeklynews.com/2020/05/05/spains-biggest-race-gets-new-dates-for-british-cycle-fans-to-look-forward-to-on-the-costa-del-sol-and-costa-blanca/


Full Moon of Flowers: The Last Supermoon of 2020 Seen from Spain. This Thursday, May 7, you will be able to experience the last supermoon of the year, in which the Earth and the Moon will be closest to each other during the fifth lunar phase, that is, a full moon.
Royal Observatory of Madrid has reported that from dawn on Thursday May 7 until Friday May 8, 2020, the moon will reach its fullest phase. This supermoon is called the Full Moon of Flowers because it coincides with the time in which nature is filled with flowers as spring finally blossoms in the northern hemisphere. Full story: https://www.euroweeklynews.com/2020/05/05/full-moon-of-flowers-the-last-supermoon-of-2020-seen-from-spain-forecasted-for-this-week/


Services Wanted/Offered

Check the DigameXtra Sponsor’s list whenever you need a service.
Service Providers, send me your Youtube video link and I will put the video of your service in action here below your posts!
Landlords, tell your renters about DigameXtra, where they can get overnight answers to questions about local stuff without having to call you!

NOTICE! : Most services are closed or offering on-line services only, due to the pandemic. Please confirm services are not cancelled to avoid disappointment. -Ed.


Nik of all Trades: Services Available for home, garden and office.
Gardening – from weeding to landscaping, stonework (walls, paths, etc) a speciality. Transport and tools all provided by me, no job too small or too big as I have others to call on if required, from 10€ per hour per man plus 10€ plus any required materials at cost or fixed price quote if you prefer.
Small construction/demolition jobs – walls, fencing, guttering, tiling etc. from 10€ per hour per man plus 10€ plus any required materials at cost or fixed price quote if you prefer.
Painting and decorating – interior or exterior, tools all supplied, materials extra at cost – from 10€ per hour per man plus 10€ or fixed price quote if you prefer.
Electrical work and Plumbing – I have a UK qualified electrician/plumber to call on should you require this type of work.
Evenings, weekends and holidays both Spanish and English are all included at no extra cost
Check my website for examples of my work www.nikofalltrades.es
Email enquiries or for more information to
nikash2 at hotmail dot com or just write that email address or web address down somewhere in case you may need me in the future! I am a Digame sponsor and so my contact info is available in the sponsors section below as well. There is also a contact form available on the website.
References/recommendations available from the UK and Spain
Based in Archez but can travel anywhere in Digameland. Quotations are completely free


Prayer Requests: Due to the current situation, none of us can get to a church, so we have created a dedicated prayer team who are happy to give their time to pray for you and your friends or family, whatever your prayer need, finding peace of mind provides a foundation of strength to face any situation.
Your request is a sacred trust and is kept confidential.
Prayer changes everything, take a step today and ask God to step in.
Submit a prayer request today and a team of people will commit to pray with you.
Prayer Request: ftk.prayer.request@gmail.com
Facebook: https://fb.me/FOJCTK
Free App: https://www.bible.com/app


DIGAMEXTRA NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT !!! It’s business as usual on the Internet, and Internet services bills must still be paid! There is no sponsor income during the lockdown. From the beginning of lockdown I put all sponsor accounts on hold until they can operate again. So, businesses and readers, please consider making a donation or becoming a DigameXtra Sponsor to help pay the production expenses and WordPress bills. Email for sponsorship info. You can join the Sponsor list and be rewarded with extra posting privileges. Donations of cash or your old but working computers, tablets or smartphones graciously accepted. You may drop these off at the DigameXtra office in Torrox Costa, but please call before coming over, 675 993 069. Or I can meet you at the Torrox Costa Lidl or Aldi or tobacco shop near the bus station if that makes it easier for you. Another possibility is to buy Amazon gift cards online and have them emailed to me at the submission email address. You can send these from Amazon ES or Amazon UK. Sorry, no bank or Paypal. Donations are not tax deductable. Thank you.


Restaurant & Market Deliveries and Open Services

If your business is allowed to operate during the lockdown, send in your details for inclusion to let Readers know. If you know for certain a restaurant is still delivering or offering take-away, have them send in the details including Name of Restaurant, Location, Phone Number, Hours and a photo of their menu (optional). Unfortunately I have received some inaccurate info from well meaning 3rd parties which has caused problems. So now these businesses must submit their own posts, although I will in this case allow them to post even if they are not subscribers. -Ed.


Bar Atila Home Delivery Service- Puente don Manuel:
630 393 290 or WhatsApp
Deliveries 7 days a week 5.00pm – 8.00pm,
please pre-order well in advance because these times are very popular.
We are now fully licensed for Home Deliveries.
Please make your order from our menu below.
Sorry Payments in cash only.
Thank you for your understanding and please keep safe.
Contact Frank at Bar Atila for a home delivery
630 393 290 (WhatsApp)
Puente don Manuel


Restaurante NuevaTahona- Frigiliana: Delivering food daily 6 to 10pm. Delivery area approx 5Km from Plaza de las Tres Culturas 6, 29788 Frigiliana. DELIVERY ONLY.
+34 951 080 150
+34 651 361 514
(Thanks to Andrew C. for this info. -Ed.)


Offer of help from the Mayor and Torrox Council: If you know of any people who are old, sick or disabled, who live alone and do not have family close by or close friends to support them, and they need to get hold of medicinal supplies, etc., call (0034) 952 530 473 or email proteccioncivil@torrox.es.
Also, a list of supermarkets who will deliver:
-Congelados y alimentación “Virgin del Carmen”,
Carretera 128,
El Morche
Tel 670 891 052
No minimum purchase, no delivery charge
-Supermercado “El Pino”
Torrox Park
679 929 292
Will deliver to Torrox, Torrox Park, Peñoncillo, Torrox Costa
Minimum purchase 40 euros
-Cárnicas Malagueños, Torrox
Calle Pontil 30, Torrox
650 501 150 (Francis)
631 571 613 (Herminia)
666 268 655 (Janet)
Will deliver to Torrox village
-Supermercado Covirán El Morche
Calle axarquia, 3
El Morche
952 532 029
-Supermercado Jose
El Morche
676 275 622
-Supermercado Covirán “La “Despensa”
Carretera Almería, Edf. Los Llanos 3, local 13, La Carrara
El Morche
601638 672
Will deliver to Urb. Generación 27, area around Los Llanos and Santa Rosa
-mini Market Las Niñas
C/Dona Elisa Ortigosa, 3
654 359 488 Jose
634 783 584
Will deliver to Torrox pueblo, Rabitilla and Trocha
-Supermercado Covirán (Chelo)
C/Jose Ariza, 22 bajo, locales 5 & 6
653 124 226
No minimum purchase, no delivery charge to all of Torrox.
These shops have adapted to help support us. Let’s support our local shops.
Margaret Riordan, Torrox, MaRiordan at aol dot com
(Many thanks to Margaret for translating and typing all this out! -Ed.)


Home delivery by Haveli: Haveli Restaurant – Since 1987
Nerja & Eastern Costa del Sol’s Premier Indian Restaurant
Cristo 44 (Post Office Street), Nerja
Make your day with some great food!
Choice of Indian and International dishes
Call 605110307 or 952524297
Free home delivery
You may also order a combo from our Indian Menu
Deliveries 7 days a week – 1 pm to 7 pm
We request payments in cash only. Click menu below to view full size.


Restaurant Meson Mudejar Food Delivery: We cover the areas of Archez, Canillas de Albaida, Competa, Corumbela, Sayalonga, Salares and Sedella.
DELIVERY ONLY ( delivery is free ).
682 489 949 please call or contact us on Whatsapp.
Deliveries 7 days a week. Please contact us one day before and we deliver the next day.
Our menu can be found on our website:
Payments in cash only.
Thank you and stay safe.


Granada: Voldistribución, the company that distributes Mahou & San Miguel beers, has launched the initiative “Stay at home. Voldis brings the bar to your house in Granada!”
Deliveries within 48 hours from the order and the shipments will have no cost beyond that of the products ordered. In addition to beer, customers may include wine, water, juices or preserves, among others.
Email: atencioncliente@aldimer.com
Mobile & WhatsApp: 660 746 355
Landline: 958 491 280


Restaurante La Joya:  Food Delivery in Nerja, Frigiliana and Torrox area. Menu changes Thursdays. Click here to visit our FB page with updated menus, FB link
Pre-order with Natalia on 675861719 via WhatsApp or by calling.
Los Huertos 54, 29780 Nerja


Dentadanes open for emergencies: Dear patients,
We hope you are well and staying safe. We are!
We are open Monday to Friday 10-12 to help with emergencies. Please call in advance for us to send you a travel permit.
Please note we are closed Thursday 9/4-12/4 for Easter holidays.
For more information visit our web page (dentadanes.com) or contact us
on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/dentadanes/
Tlf: 952 529 666
Best wishes,
Nete Larsen, Colegio de dentistas de Málaga No. 29002158


Delivery Service Website- With 200 Listings of Businesses Serving Benajarafe to Marbella: The site is a combination of English and Spanish, very easy to use. Includes a map, and a search function to locate the nearest biz offering a specified service.


Mandy’s Paintbox: I am a painter and decorator inside and outside i paint and spray furniture , doors and kitchen units also i am Legal and papered with permission to return to work. I cover most area from la herradura to velez malaga. I live in frigiliana. Mandy.
my email amandajosiah@hotmail.com
telephone 680739577 whatsapp the same number


LOYPAR is now providing home deliveries:
Thanks to Vetiver Spain in Sayalonga for this info!
Wholesaler LOYPAR is located in the Velez Malaga “Poligonos Industriales.”
They carry everything including liquor. LOYPAR is now providing home deliveries.
You can find their website at www.Loypar.com. They have a great website and they are adding more products every day including fresh produce.
Antonio Lopez can be contacted at pedidos AT lopezpardo DOT com or WhatsApp at 34 697 210 813. He speaks perfect English. He is very responsive and helpful.
Tell him David and Anna from Vetiver Spain referred you.
David y Anna ; Info at vetiverspain dot com
www.vetiverspain.com ;  (34) 692 288 657


Bakers Bar Home Deliveries: Running from Thursday to Sunday from 530PM until 10PM. Playa Burriana, Nerja
952526880 OR Whatsapp 626268958


Potters Bar & Terrace, Nerja: It’s good that we can all get out freely for a while! This being the case, if you would like to combine your walk with meal collection from Potter’s, just let us know and we will have It packed up and ready for you. Home delivery still continúes as normal. For orders please contact 685435767. Please follow us on Facebook for daily updates. https://m.facebook.com/pottersbarandterrace


Cooltec Services: Open to work on unoccupied buildings only. We have been on the Costa for 13 years, installing air conditioning to cool and heat your home. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, highest standards of work and customer service.
City and Guilds trained with over 35 years experience.
Our range of services include-
Installations of air conditioning, breakdowns and servicing.
Solar hot water
Swimming pool heat pumps
Heat pump boilers
Visit our Facebook page to read our reviews https://www.facebook.com/cooltecairconditioning/
Call us on 663728798


New Listing- TK’s in Torrox Costa: Located in Laguna Beach by the carpark. Now open for take-away daily, 12-2 and 6-8. Starting next Monday, if all goes as scheduled, we will be open and serving meals in-house 7 days a week.
WhatsApp Thomas on 642 598 217 for a menu or for orders.
(Thanks to JD/Torrox for this info. -Ed.)


Items For Sale / Wanted / Rent

Click on pics to enlarge

Vetiver Spain in Sayalonga- We have reopened (with limited operations):
We are legally open for business. It only includes shipping and deliveries in the local area.
We can have no human contact as in visitors.
It is the perfect time for planting Vetiver and we have plenty. A great way to spend a day in the garden.
Do you know the benefits of Moringa also known as the Miracle Tree?
If not please check out the Moringa page link below.
Now that we can ship via the Spanish Correos we have Moringa Powder available.
Anna’s Moringa / Mint Sun Tea
1.5 litre jar or something similar
3 Ginger or Ginger Lemon Tea Bags
3 Green Tea Bags
About 1.5 Teaspoons of Vetiver Spain’s Organic Moringa Powder
Stevia, sugar or honey for sweetening
Top off with bottled water
Place it in the sun in the morning and it will be ready by evening.
Be creative by adding lemon juice, orange juice, etc.
Home page: www.vetiverspain.com
Moringa page. https://www.vetiverspain.com/moringa-oleifera-.html
Email: info@vetiverspain.com
(34) 692 288 657 David


 Recommendations & Requests

PLEASE REMEMBER ALL SUBMISSIONS MUST INCLUDE THE LOCATION (nearest town) OF THE SENDER. I will not publish them without it, I will simply return it for correction.


Danish Hair Design in Torre del Mar: I visited Lenette’s salon this morning for a very welcome haircut on her first day of opening since the beginning of lock-down.Not sure if others will be aware that Lenette is now open for business as usual. New & existing customers can contact her for an appointment on her mobile 692 103 907. Lenette’s salon is situated on Avd. De Andalucia 32 in Torre close to La Tasca cafe. Lynne, Trapiche area. lynnegomm@gmail.com


News & Articles

(Click the link to read the full article)

Please be careful about believing crisis info posts on Fakebook, Social Media and even mainline news sources: There are tons of hoaxes circulating. If there is no verifiable source provided with the info, while it may contain some degree of truth (as do all good lies) you should always have a healthy degree of scepticism. -Ed.


For the latest pandemic info visit:
World- https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/
Spain- https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/spain/


World Coronavirus Cases: Last updated- May 05, 2020, 19:59 GMT
Total Coronavirus Cases: 3,710,380 , up from 3,645,539
Total Deaths: 256,920 , up from 252,396


Spain Coronavirus Cases: Last updated- May 05, 2020, 19:59 GMT
Total Coronavirus Cases: 250,561 , up from 248,301
Total Deaths: 25,613 , up from 25,428


Andalucia Coronavirus Cases: Last Updated- Tuesday 05-05-2020 at 13.49
There have been 14.394 positive tests in Andalucia, up 45 on day before. Within this number at least 2.185 people had tested positive to Coronavirus antibodies but did not have any symptoms at the time of the test. Ministry of Sanidad in Madrid only states there are 12.210 confirmed cases in Andalucia, and on 26-04-2020 stopped publishing the data to calculate the higher figure. However the Junta de Andalucia Salud still publishes its figure a few hours later
There have been 1.267 deaths in Andalucia, 4 more than the day before. We have stopped reporting cured cases as it turns out ‘curados’ meant ‘discharged from hospital’ in both Ministerio de Sanidad and Junta de Andalucia Salud statistics and not cured. Confirmed cases that required hospital admission in Andalucia are 5.983, 10 new admissions in the day. Confirmed cases that required hospital intensive care in Andalucia number 738, 0 new admissions in the day.


Costa del Sol Coronavirus: No update from yesterday at time of publication. https://www.andalucia.com/health/coronavirus


Malaga Province Coronavirus: Last Updated- 13.00, May 3rd 2020
Total Cases: 3,462 , up from 3,452
Total Deaths: 261, no new deaths for 3 days in a row


UK Coronavirus: Last Updated- May 05, 2020, 19:59 GMT
Total Coronavirus Cases: 194,990 , up from 190,584
Total Deaths: 29,427 , up from 28,734


Phase Zero kicks off with hairdressers’ diaries full and some shops open: For the first time in more than seven weeks small businesses have been able to open their doors to customers, albeit by appointment only and observing strict health and safety precautions. Full article:


Third day in a row with no coronavirus deaths in Malaga province: The province of Malaga has now gone three days with no confirmed deaths from coronavirus, according to official data provided on Tuesday by the regional Ministry of Health and Families. As a result, the Covid-19 death toll remains at 261. The report also indicated that there have been 10 new infections Tuesday (half of the 20 reported on Monday), bringing the total number of cases in the province of Malaga since the start of the pandemic to 3,462. Source: http://www.surinenglish.com/local/202005/05/third-with-coronavirus-deaths-20200505162757.html


What if Spain’s state of alarm comes to an end on May 9?: If PM Pedro Sánchez does not secure congressional approval to extend the extraordinary measure on Wednesday, experts say confinement orders will no longer be legally binding.
The state of alarm has been in place since March 14, when confinement measures were first imposed. Since then, the extraordinary measure has been extended three times, and is currently set to come to an end on May 9.
Sánchez, however, cannot extend the state of alarm without the approval of Congress. The coalition government led by his Socialist Party (PSOE) and junior partner Unidas Podemos does not count on a working majority in Congress, meaning he needs votes from other groups to pass legislation. But it is not clear whether the prime minister will have enough votes on Wednesday to secure the approval of the extension.
If Sánchez fails to secure approval on Wednesday, almost all the measures the government has introduced to address the coronavirus crisis would be immediately dissolved. But would this mean an end to the confinement orders and to the ban on travel? What alternatives are open to the government? Does that mean the Spanish government will not be able to take any action if it cannot extend the state of alarm? “No,” says Gerardo Pérez, a professor of constitutional law at La Laguna University, “There are laws that establish the possibility of confinement, but only of people who are sick.” Full story: https://english.elpais.com/politics/2020-05-05/what-if-spains-state-of-alarm-comes-to-an-end-on-may-9.html


Should an exception be made for Axarquia in de-escalation phases?: Junta spokesman, Elias Bendodo, suggested that Axarquia should skip one of the national government’s coronavirus de-escalation phases. “Areas with a lower incidence should be one phase ahead,” Bendodo claimed. “There are very many municipalities with no cases,” he argued, pointing out that the president of Spain’s government, Pedro Sanchez, has already said that there would be “more flexibility.” Bendodo also lamented that Spain’s autonomous regions had not been able to take part in the de-escalation plans. “Governing is one thing but transmitting the rules is another,” he said. Source: https://www.euroweeklynews.com/2020/05/05/should-an-exception-be-made-for-axarquia-in-de-escalation-phases/


The surprising similarities between the coronavirus and the bubonic plague: New research from the University of Barcelona looks at the parallels between the current pandemic and the disease that swept across the Byzantine Empire 1,500 years ago. Read the article at: https://english.elpais.com/society/2020-04-21/the-surprising-similarities-between-the-coronavirus-and-the-bubonic-plague.html


Alert For Xiaomi Smartphone Owners: If you own a Xiaomi smartphone or have installed the Mint Browser or Mi Browser Pro app on any of your other brand Android device, you should enable a newly introduced privacy setting immediately to prevent the company from spying on your online activities. Full story and instructions: https://thehackernews.com/2020/05/xiaomi-browser-history.html


Humour Section

Comic strip donated by mooselakecartoons.com


Submitted by T.W.


Exchange quotes by www.xe.com

GBP>EUR (last night’s quote, click to enlarge)



Brexit Hotline

The Spanish government has a hotline to answer all queries from Brits living in Spain about the implications of Brexit, in English. Callers can ring 060 when in Spain or +34 902 887060 if calling from abroad and an automated system will offer the choice of either Spanish or English.
You will then be offered a choice of information on the different issues.
The service also offers the option of speaking to an operator for those requiring further information or with a specific query not dealt with by the automated options. Source: https://www.thelocal.es/20200218/spain-launches-dedicated-brexit-hotline


Fun & Games

National Geographic Photo of the Day: Click Here
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Weekly Markets
Monday: Torrox Costa
Tuesday: Nerja, Salobrena
Wednesday: Rincon de la Victoria, Algarrobo Costa
Thursday: Velez Malaga, Torre del Mar, Frigiliana
Friday: Almunecar, Salobrena, La Herradura- Summers only
Saturday: Competa, Mezquitilla@Algarrobo behind the Sala Ottowa
Sunday: Velez Malaga, Nerja Car Boot

Nerja 952 524 519
Torrox: 952 531 030
Frigiliana: 952 533 231

Phone numbers for emergencies
Emergency Svcs.: 112
National Police: 091
Guardia Civil: 062
Ambulance: 061
Fire Station (Bomberos): 080
Emergency English Help Line: 902 102 112

Local Police
Torrox: 952 539 828
Nerja: 952 521 545
Frigiliana: 952 533 126
Torre del Mar: 952 549 238

Local News in English, The Sur: http://www.surinenglish.com/
Local News in English, The Local: https://www.thelocal.es/
Spain National News in English, El Pais: https://elpais.com/elpais/inenglish.html
EU News in English, EuroWeekly: https://www.euroweeklynews.com
Local Weather: https://www.accuweather.com/en/es/torre-del-mar/306652/weather-forecast/306652
Bus Info: https://www.alsa.com/en/web/bus/our-destinations/regional
Currency Converter: http://www.currency-converter.com/
Internet Speed Test: http://beta.speedtest.net/
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All current Sponsors have received extensions to their Sponsorship expiration dates to compensate for the lockdown time we are experiencing. -Ed.

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