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The Cantinas, acoustic duo: Sat, 11June 8pm
Legends Bar, Torre del Mar. Tel 952 540 080  FB 


Seabed cleaning at El Morche beach: {Translation}
The event will take place this Saturday, 11th June, at 10.30 am at La Choza, next to the Tourist Information Office. Everyone welcome. For more information call 606 260 284 or send an email to: a.rueda@yahoo.es 


“We Love Nerja” evening market is back this Saturday 11 June at the Plaza de España: It will remain open from 18.30 to 00.30 hours, with illustrators, jewellers, sculptors and ceramists who offer their hand-made products.


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Nik of all Trades- Services available for home, garden and office:
-Gardening – from weeding to landscaping, stonework (walls, paths, etc) a speciality. Transport and tools all provided by me, my time can be hired in 3 time slots of 4, 6 and 8 hours at a cost of 60€, 85€ and 110€ respectively plus any required materials at cost or fixed price quote if you prefer.
-Small construction/demolition jobs – walls, fencing, guttering, tiling etc. costs as above or fixed price quote if you prefer.
-Painting and decorating – interior or exterior, tools all supplied, materials extra at cost . costs as above or fixed price quote if you prefer.
-Evenings, weekends and holidays both Spanish and English are all included at no extra cost. I am always busy and usually require between 2 and 4 weeks notice before I can start work but I can usually carry out quotations fairly quickly.
-Check my website for examples of my work http://nik-of-all-trades.weebly.com/
Email enquiries or for more information to nikash2 at hotmail dot com or just write that email address or web address down somewhere in case you may need me in the future! I am a DigameXtra sponsor and so my contact info is available everyday in the sponsors section below as well. There is also a contact form available on the website.
References/recommendations available from the UK and Spain
Based in Competa but can travel anywhere in Digameland. Quotations are completely free. 


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Halting Erosion Using Vetiver Grass from Vetiver Spain:
Vetiver Grass is a fast growing non-invasive clumping grass that grows to 2 metres in height. It has a root system that grows to 3-4 metres deep and they are very strong.
The National Geographic Magazine has called them “Roots of Steel”.
Once Vetiver is established it is drought resistant.
We are located in Sayalonga and we can plant all year round but February and March are the best months to plant Vetiver. Vetiver loves the heat of a long summer to get established.
Decomposing Vetiver used as a mulch, improves soil quality, keeps the weeds down and the insects away as it is a natural insect repellent. It is in the same family as Lemon Grass, which we also carry.
Vetiver also is a nutritious and replenishable animal feed. Horses, cattle, and pigs love it.
We use Vetiver along driveways and sidewalks. It also makes a great and inexpensive Ornamental hedge.
To see more photos and videos please visit our DATA storage site located at http://www.vetiverspain.org.
This month we have some special offers that include shipping.
For more information or to organize a visit please contact us.
Our retail website: www.vetiverspain.com
Email: info@vetiverspain.com
Telephone or Whatsapp at (34) 692 288 657
David and Anna
Here is a link to a short video showing the results. VIDEO LINK



For Sale: Fitfui Indoor Spinning Bike. In very good condition.
Cost 325 Euros new. For Sale 100 Euros o.n.o.
Gillain, Frigiliana. Contact: 665 252 982


For Sale: High Performance UK Lenovo Ideapad 310 laptop. Refurbished & upgraded by DoctorLaptop. Windows 10 Pro v21H2, fresh install, 12Gb RAM (high speed, brand new), 480Gb SSD (high performance, brand new), Intel i3 6006U @ 2GHz processor. Display 15.6″ True HD 1920×1080 + HDMI & VGA ports, Ethernet, 2.4/5 dual band wifi, 2x USB2, 1x USB3, SD Multi-Card Reader, headphone port, 4Hr battery. Includes MS Office Suite Pro Plus 2019. New on Amazon is over €800 without MS Office included. Price €500, no offers. 30 day cash back guaranty. Photo:Lenovo.com
Naythan, Torrox Costa. Buyer collects.


Wanted: A fold away cot/crib for a baby, good condition please
Harry, Malaga
Harryhood900 @ gmail.com


News & Articles

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{ Translations by www.DeepL.com/Translator }


Covid Spain- The rate falls below 600 cases in those over 60 years of age adds 117 deaths since Friday: {Translation, summary} 06/07/2022 1:12 p.m.
-The health ministry has added 33,293 more coronavirus infections since Friday.
-The incidence in the over-60s is down from 600 to 586.71 cases per 100,000 population. In the last report it was 617.92 positive.
-Today’s report also adds 117 deaths, the lowest figure since the counting and reporting system was changed in mid-March.
-In hospitals, 6,761 people have been admitted to hospital as of Tuesday, which translates into an occupancy rate of 14.27%. Compared to the previous report, admissions have risen by 280. In the ICU, there are currently 322 COVID-19 patients, three less than last Friday. Source, Spanish: https://www.eldiario.es/sociedad/tasa-coronavirus-cae-debajo-600-casos-mayores-60-anos-sanidad-notifica-117-fallecidos-viernes_1_9059215.html


Covid Andalucia- Andalucía lowers its Covid incidence rate, reduces hospital pressure and adds 43 deaths:
-Andalucía has this Tuesday, 31 May, registered a total of 3,369 new coronavirus infections since Friday, of which 1,551 were in people over 60.
-The Junta’s Ministry of Health has notified a drop of two patients hospitalised for coronavirus compared to Friday to 679, while admissions to intensive care units (ICUs) have dropped by nine to 31.
-By province, Seville is the one with the most hospitalised patients with a total of 172, of which 19 are in the ICU; followed by Malaga with 111, five in the ICU; Cadiz with 104, two in the ICU; Granada with 75 admitted, five in the ICU; Cordoba with 61, four in the ICU; Jaén with 60, six in the ICU; Huelva with 60, two in ICU; and Almeraa with 36, two in the intensive care unit.
-Likewise, the number of deaths has dropped by nine compared to four days ago, going from the 52 registered on Friday to the 43 that are counted this Tuesday.
-Regarding the current average incidence rate of infections in Andalucía in the last 14 days in people over 60 years of age, it is below 400 points, standing at 389.73 cases per 100,000 inhabitants – the lowest figure for more than a month – and it is down 77.8 compared to four days ago. Source: https://www.surinenglish.com/andalucia/andalucia-lowers-covid-20220531174333-nt.html


Andalusia confirmed eight cases of monkeypox, and 15 suspected: {Translation} 07/06/2022 15:57
-Andalusia has eight confirmed cases of monkeypox and the number of cases under investigation has risen to 15, according to data provided by the Regional Ministry of Health.
-In total there are three in Seville, one in Cadiz, three in Malaga and one in Granada, while of the 15 cases under investigation four are probable and 11 suspected, while 31 cases have been ruled out.
-Of the 15 cases of monkeypox under investigation, five are in the province of Malaga, five in Seville, one in Cordoba, one in Jaen, one in Almeria, one in Granada and one in Cadiz. Of these, four are “possibly” positive, and eleven are “suspected”, while 31 cases have already been ruled out. Source, Spanish: https://andaluciainformacion.es/andalucia/1055275/andalucia-confirma-ocho-casos-de-viruela-del-mono-y-15-en-investigacion/


Monkeypox Madrid- Those infected in the Community of Madrid by monkeypox rise to 210 and another 22 are studied as suspects: {Translation} 07/06/2022 12:32
– The Community of Madrid has posted up until this Tuesday a total of 210 positive cases of smallpox símica or monkey pox, which is 27 contagions more confirmed in the past 24 hours, while there are 22 other people, pending the result of the analysis.
-Also, the tests performed on the presence of an orthopoxvirus (the set of virus responsible for smallpox) have been ruled out other 102 cases, according to Europa Press sources of the ministry of Health. Source, Spanish: https://www.europapress.es/madrid/noticia-suben-210-contagiados-comunidad-madrid-viruela-mono-estudian-otros-22-sospechosos-20220607123204.html


Hospital staff in Spain who have TESTED POSITIVE FOR COVID can now work in ‘non-vulnerable’ departments until they test negative again: The Ministry of Health’s Covid Monitoring and Control Strategy, which has just been updated, also says health care staff with symptoms should take precautions but do not have to stay home until they receive the test result. Full article: https://www.surinenglish.com/spain/hospital-staff-with-20220606110144-nt.html


The Government moves to force restaurants to provide free take away containers for leftovers: {Translation, summary}
-New measures include the obligation of the hospitality industry to offer its customers the leftovers of the meal at no extra cost and in recyclable packaging, with a penalty of €2,000, except in the establishments with a free buffet.
-Thus, it has been clarified that the Government’s intention is that the law goes into effect January 1, 2023 if the procedures and deadlines in Congress and in the Senate to allow it. Source, Spanish: https://andaluciainformacion.es/andalucia/1055311/el-gobierno-obligara-a-los-restaurantes-a-ofrecer-al-cliente-las-sobras-de-su-comida/


€500 and 6 points for using a roundabout incorrectly in Spain (update): If you use a roundabout in Spain incorrectly you can be fined up to €500 and have six points added to your licence according to an update from the Director General de Trafico (DGT). Updated guidance provided on June 7 says that one in three drivers involved in an accident on a roundabout had committed an offence, usually for disrespecting priority. Excessive speed and not maintaining distance are also listed as the main causes. Full article with diagrams: https://euroweeklynews.com/2022/06/07/e500-and-6-points-for-using-a-roundabout-incorrectly-in-spain-updated-guidance/


Andalucia Elections are Sunday, 19 June 2022 – Right-wing bloc slips back slightly in polls but still holds a clear majority: {Translation} 07/06/2022 15:52
-The new update of the compendium of electoral poll projections compiled by Electomania-EM and distributed exclusively by Porcentual.es, indicates a slight setback for the right-wing forces in Andalusia. PP and VOX are down in terms of the distribution of seats and would now have 46 and 19, respectively, one less than in the previous update of this compendium. Despite this small setback, both parties would have a very comfortable majority to form a government in Andalusia.
-The PSOE has a 26 per cent share of the vote, which would mean it would equal the result of the previous election, when it was the most voted party with 33 deputies. On the other hand, the other two left-wing forces have not managed to reach the previous result, so it seems clear that the splitting of the parties to the left of the PSOE will not produce good results.
-Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla’s Partido Popular (PP) would be the clear winner of the elections with 35 percent of the vote and 46 seats, which would comfortably surpass all the representation achieved by the left-wing bloc. Ciudadanos, for its part, is still on the verge of being able to enter Parliament, although it would do so in a marginal way.
-In the compendium of Andalusian electoral polls, a map with the most likely results in each of Andalusia’s municipalities can also be found. In order to make this projection, the data from the polls is taken into account, as well as the available electoral behaviour and the votes obtained in the last two general elections, which took place in 2019.
-Thus, the PP would win in the eight provincial capitals of Andalusia. In general terms, the PSOE would be in the majority in the western area, while the PP would win in provinces such as Almería, Granada, Jaén, Málaga and Córdoba. Source, Spanish:


“Emergencias 112” Needs Blood: {Translation} The 112 Emergency Service has made an “urgent” appeal through its official channels on social networks for Andalusians to donate blood. From 112 they assure that “blood donations from all groups are needed to recover the descent and guarantee activity in hospital centers.” Source, Spanish: https://www.granadadigital.es/emergencias-112-hace-llamada-urgente-andaluces-donen-sangre/ 


Charging points for electric vehicles to be installed at harbours on the Costa: The Andalusian regional government has awarded a contract for a draft project to install 12 charging points for electric vehicles in 12 ports across Andalucía. On the Costa del Sol they will be located in Caleta de Vélez, Fuengirola and Marina La Bajadilla in Marbella.
They will also been installed at the harbours in Garrucha, Roquetas de Mar and Adra, in Almeria; Barbate, Rota and Chipiona, in Cadiz and Mazagon, Isla Cristina and Ayamonte in Huelva. Full article: https://www.surinenglish.com/malaga/axarquia/charging-points-electric-20220607103748-nt.html


Institutional support to ask the EU for a railway connection between Motril and Granada: {Translation, summary} The Governing Council has acknowledged the endorsement and support of the Andalusian Regional Government to the proposal for the inclusion of the railway connection between the Port of Motril and Granada in the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T).
The agreement, which was signed on 30 May, sets out a series of proposals for modification, based on a study carried out by the University of Granada, which stresses that this rail connection would meet the objectives of sustainability, cohesion, efficiency, resilience and quality of transport in the region of the Costa Tropical as an area of the European Union. Photo of Granada train station: Wikimapia. Source, Spanish: https://www.granadadigital.es/granada-respaldo-institucional-pedir-ue-conexion-ferroviaria-motril/


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson survives no-confidence vote:
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was meeting his Cabinet and trying to patch up his tattered authority on Tuesday after surviving a no-confidence vote that has left him a severely weakened leader. Johnson vowed to “get on with the job” and focus on “what matters to the British people”, defined as the economy, health care and crime, after Conservative Party lawmakers voted by 211 to 148 to support him as leader.
Johnson needed the backing of 180 of the 359 Conservative lawmakers in Monday’s secret ballot to stay in power.
Under party rules, Johnson is now free from another challenge for a year. But previous prime ministers who have faced no-confidence votes, including May and Margaret Thatcher, have been terminally damaged. Full article:


Brexit Consequences- Spain Removes Entry Measures for EU Nationals, but Not for Britons:
-The Spanish authorities announced last week that the country would no longer apply COVID-19 entry rules for travellers from the European Union/Schengen Area but did not make any exemptions for those travelling from the United Kingdom.
-Announcing the newly updated travel rules, the Spanish Ministry of Health pointed out that the entry rules for travellers from outside the EU/Schengen Area have not changed.
-This means that all travellers from the UK are still subject to COVID rules when reaching Spain.
-The Spanish Ministry of Health explains that all travellers over the age of 12 from the UK as well as those from the other third countries, must present a valid vaccination, recovery, or test certificate upon their arrival. Full article: https://www.schengenvisainfo.com/news/brexit-consequences-spain-removes-entry-measures-for-eu-nationals-but-not-for-britons/


IPTV Pirate Must Pay £963K or 88 Month Prison Sentence Becomes 168 Months: In 2019, three men from the UK received prison sentences totaling more than 17 years for selling illegal access to the Premier League’s matches. Scheme ‘mastermind’ Steven King was sentenced to seven years and four months but has now been told that if he doesn’t pay back £963,000 within three months, six years and eight months will be added to his custodial sentence. Full article: https://torrentfreak.com/iptv-pirate-must-pay-963k-or-88-month-prison-sentence-becomes-168-220607/


All cancer patients in drug trial appear to be cured for ‘first time in history’:
-An experimental cancer drug appears to have cured every single patient in a small clinical trial conducted in the US. All 12 patients, who had been diagnosed with rectal cancer, entered into remission after taking dostarlimab over a six-month period, according to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine.
-“This is the first time this has happened in the history of cancer”, Dr Luis Diaz, one of the lead authors of the paper and an oncologist at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) in New York, told The New York Times.
-The patients also experienced no significant side effects during the course of their treatment, though it’s believed not enough people were involved in the study to highlight the different adverse reactions caused by the drug.
-Although excited by the research, scientists have said the promising results will need to be repeated, and cautioned against concluding whether the patients had been cured of their cancer.
-Dostarlimab is an immunotherapy drug used in the treatment of endometrial cancer, but this was the first clinical investigation of whether it could be effective against rectal cancer tumours.
-The drug works by unmasking cancer cells, allowing the immune system to identify and destroy them. Source article: https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/health/all-cancer-patients-in-drug-trial-appear-to-be-cured-for-first-time-in-history-41729046.html


Did Apple Just Make Your Mac Obsolete? Apple’s new macOS Ventura leaves trusty 2015 MacBook Pro behind:
-A new version of macOS due out this fall means a new collection of Macs can no longer run Apple’s latest desktop operating system. Perhaps most notably, the new macOS Ventura update won’t be available for the 2015 MacBook Pro.
Here’s the complete list of Macs that Ventura is compatible with:
– iMac (2017 and later)
– iMac Pro (2017)
-Mac Pro (2019 and later)
-Mac Mini (2018 and later)
-Mac Studio (2022)
-MacBook Pro (2017 and later)
-MacBook Air (2018 and later)
-MacBook (2017 and later)
Full article: https://www.theverge.com/2022/6/7/23157662/macos-ventura-compatible-macs-2015-macbook-pro-2013-mac-pro


EU countries, lawmakers clinch deal on single mobile charging port, Apple impacted:
-Apple will have to change the connector on its iPhones sold in Europe by 2024 as EU countries and EU lawmakers on Tuesday agreed to a single mobile charging port for mobile phones, tablets and cameras.
-The agreement is a world first and came after companies failed to agree on a common solution. The European Commission had pushed for a single mobile charging port more than a decade ago.
-Users of iPhones and Android phones have long complained about having to use different chargers for their devices. The former is charged from a Lightning cable while Android-based devices are powered using USB-C connectors.
-“By autumn 2024, USB Type-C will become the common charging port for all mobile phones, tablets and cameras in the EU,” the European Parliament said in a statement. Full article:

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Petrol Prices – Updated daily: These are the fuel stations in Malaga province with the lowest prices. The price data for 95 and 98-octane petrol and diesel fuel is updated every day. See it here:

Weekly Markets
Monday: Torrox Costa
Tuesday: Nerja, Salobrena
Wednesday: Rincon de la Victoria, Algarrobo Costa
Thursday: Velez Malaga, Torre del Mar, Frigiliana
Friday: Almunecar, Salobrena, La Herradura- Summers only
Saturday: Competa, Mezquitilla@Algarrobo behind the Sala Ottowa
Sunday: Velez Malaga, Nerja Car Boot

Nerja 952 524 519
Torrox: 952 531 030
Frigiliana: 952 533 231

Phone numbers for emergencies
Emergency Svcs.: 112
National Police: 091
Guardia Civil: 062
Ambulance: 061
Fire Station (Bomberos): 080
Emergency English Help Line: 902 102 112

Local Police
Torrox: 952 539 828
Nerja: 952 521 545
Frigiliana: 952 533 126
Torre del Mar: 952 549 238

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