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COVID-19 VIRUS HOTLINE: Information hotline for those who suspect they may have the coronavirus. Anyone experiencing symptoms should stay at home and dial 900 400 061 or 955 545 060 – and only call 112 in an emergency.

For the official Andalucia Covid rules effective 00:01 Sunday, Jan. 17th, see the News and COVID Info Reference in the News Section of this issue of DigameXtra https://digamextra.com/2021/01/17/digamextra-no-1843-sunday-jan-17th-2021/

Up-to-date Covid restriction information, broken down by municipality, can be found on an interactive map here (in Spanish but simple to use, just hover your pointer, or tap, on your town, use mouse wheel to zoom in & out). https://www.mapacovid.es/

What’s On

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Exhibition: New exhibition at Bio Beach Club gallery and restaurant from 4th of Feb until 3rd of March. Open from 9am to 6pm, closed Tuesdays. From My Point of View, mainly landscape paintings of our local area, by Jill Carrott.



No More “Steak on a Stone”: Craig’s Steak & Schlemmertreff restaurant on the beach in Torrox Costa is now for rent. In that strip of 4 adjacent restaurants, the only one that appears to remain open is the Ichiban Asian Restaurante.


The Boliches Brothers: At The White Rose, Fuengirola.
7 February Sunday (2:30pm.) Live Music & Lovely food.
Come and enjoy’ what could be your last opportunity to socialize
(in a safe environment). Come earlier for more fun and enjoy this beautiful Sunday in our lovely sunny terrace.
Doors opening at 12.00. Tel 653 72 69 08  FB Page


Bob Marley’s 76th B-Day Party: Sat., Feb 6th, 12-6pm
El Bar de las Motos, Av Tivoli 3, 29631 Benalmadena.
tel 951 132 051  FB Page


Bob Marley’s Birthday: Saturday at 12PM– 6 PM
Kizzy Caribbean Kitchen
This Saturday we will be celebrating what would have been Bob Marley’s 76th birthday at the bar between 12 – 6 it will be strictly reggae vibes with:
-Complimentary tapas tasters from our Caribbean Kitchen on arrival
-241 Rum Punch All Day
-Reggae Quiz @ 12:30
-Live Singer & Jam Session
Top Floor, El Zoco, Calahonda 29649 Mijas
Tel 711 05 04 91  FB Page



Services Wanted/Offered

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Cómpeta Solar
-Solar Electric (PV) (Self-Consumption)
-Grid Connected or Off Grid Solar Electric
-Solar Hot Water
-Solar Pool Heating
-Heat Pumps
-Installation and Repairs
Contact: Malcolm Butcher. Tel: +34 652970608 (Spain) Competa
Email: info AT competasolar DOT es Web: www.competasolar.es


Greek House: Greek Casita Restaurant in Torrox Costa!
Located on the sea promenade, between the Safari bar and Picadero restaurants, BLQ 80 bajo. We offer you a little piece of Greece with our Greek home made specialities. Winter hours with current curfew: Thursday thru Sunday 13.00-17.00. Closed Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday. For reservation call telephone number 642585049. You can choose meat specialties (Gyros, Souvlaki, Bifteki, Sutsukaki, Mussaka), cheese (Feta Psiti, Feta Saganaki, Hallumi), vegetables (Greek salad, Hummus, Eggplant cream, Mezze, Tzatziki) or sea fruits ( prawns or octopus), all of this accompanied with our special Greek pita bread. We offer a lovely meal time in a quiet end exquisite atmosphere, accompanied with the best Greek music. See you soon! https://la-casita-griega.business.site/



Is 2021 going to be the year you learn Spanish?
Come to speak Spanish in a fun and relaxed way.
Don’t struggle with the Spanish language any more.
– ONLINE Spanish lessons > in Zoom or Skype
– ONSITE Spanish lessons > in our OUTDOOR TERRACE
Free registration and materials
Ample free parking
** Free trial lesson
Web: https://malagalingo.com &  FB Page
Email: malagalingo@gmail.com
Tel./Whats: + (34) 650 479 493


Casa Magel: We are open for business to anyone who is not locked down (check with mapacovid.es). Valle De Abdalajis is not in a zone of closure.
We can have 4 people to stay and there is plenty of room for social distancing and all safety measures have been taken.
So anyone who needs a nice comfortable break come and see us.
We have 2 specials at the moment:
-2 nights B&B with 1 night 3 course evening meal for 2 with wine. 130€
-3 nights B&B with 1 night 3 course evening meal for 2 with wine and 1 day tapas & drinks for 2 at a local bar or in house. 175€
Perfect for anyone celebrating a special occasion or just need to get away, at Casa Magel we spoil our guests. Good food and we have wonderful views, an outside Andalucian kitchen with tea and coffee on the house. Our rooms are nicely furnished. There is loads of space and lots of lovely walks. The pool is now closed for refurbishment.
For a breath of clean mountain air come & visit or book now for later.
casamagel@yahoo.com ; phone 722879503


Items For Sale / Wanted / Rent

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MOONETTE Organic & Aromatic Skincare for 40+
We are a Torrox-based company specialising in the creation of formulae which help prevent premature skin ageing
We are committed to making effective products at affordable prices
NEW PRODUCT- Face Cleanser With Bulgarian Rose is now available, 100% organic & vegan
As our skin is the first layer of our defence against microbial infections, ultraviolet radiation and environmental contamination it plays a vital role in our health. As we grow older, however, our skin becomes thinner, wrinkled, and more sensitive; hence it requires the use of treatments containing specific ingredients to the care of treating mature skin.
Recognising this need we have created a range of formulae which help
-slow down ageing process by smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.
-improve facial complexion and eliminate blemishes.
At Moonette, we are passionate about health, beauty and plants. Your skin will benefit from the properties of botanic essential oils combined with a selection of nutrients for deep hydration, cell revitalization and antioxidant effect, all sourced from the finest natural ingredients with gorgeous fragrances.
Naturally, we care about our planet and feel the need to help reduce the sheer volumes of plastics waste that are generated daily around the globe. Presently, we are minimizing the usage of plastic materials in our production while seeking alternative forms of packaging. To help reduce pollution we are asking all local customers to recycle or reuse their Moonette skincare containers, and offering a small discount on future purchases to customers recycling containers.
Free small testers are available on request. Please call us to find out more or to order: Tel 650 044 102
Margaret Gosling
www.moonette.es & Moonette FB Link


FREE: Floor tiles – collection required.
Previously laid, but all cleaned & ready to re-lay.
Around 100 tiles approx 33cm x 33cm square
Available to collect only, Cómpeta village,
Contact Helen on or 642 032 924, or
email: Helenandgary@sky.com


Recommendations & Requests


Covid Testing Info From the Ayuntamiento de Torrox:
We continue to improve the TDIA rate to 429,1.
Remember that Friday is the date of the #CribadoMasivo (Screening Massive) and we ask that all those who have received the summons, come at the indicated time for the tests, for the sake of all, at the Municipal Deportivo Pavillion in La Farm. IMAGE:FB  FB Page


OnLine Translator: I am using a new, artificial intelligence powered translator website, that is providing better translations than I was getting from other sources like Google and Bing. It’s free, try it here. -Ed.


 News & Articles

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DoctorLaptop’s Tips #87, 05Feb21
How Does Your Internet Connection Measure Up?:
**Fixed Line- Fiber Optic / Phoneline / Cable**
Global Average
Download: 96.43Mb/s ; Upload: 52.31Mb/s ; Latency: 21ms
National Average in Spain, #14 in World
Download: 169Mb/s
Yes, you read that right. The average home computer user in Spain has an internet connection with a download speed that tests at 169Mb/s. Personally, I have a 500Mb/s Down&Up (asymmetrical) connection, and have been offered 1000Mb/s if I want it.
**Mobile Data Connection**
Global Average
Download: 47.20Mb/s ; Upload: 12.67Mb/s ; Latency: 36ms
National Average Spain, #36 in World
Download: 48.86Mb/s
Source: https://www.speedtest.net/global-index
Summary: In Spain, if your home internet download speed is less than 17Mb/s you are only getting 10% of the average Spanish internet speed. If this is your situation, you should not expect good performance from functions designed to use the connection speeds of an average consumer- streaming video, IPTV, group video chats, etc. In the rapidly developing tech world, you either keep up and enjoy the new benefits, or get left behind, limited to outdated content. This also explains why computers, tablets and smartphones go obsolete faster than they used to.
The Internet is much more complex than just a few years ago, and these new features and higher quality require ever faster connections to work correctly. While in 2010 you may have been thrilled at what you could do with a 2Mb/s connection, in comparison to your old 256Kb/s phone modem connection, that 2Mb/s is nothing by todays standards. But back then noone had access to the super high definition 4K video streams of today that expect you to have a 50Mb/s connection to work properly; the old low-res broadcast TV quality streams were all that there was, and it only needed a 2Mb/s connection. Thus, if you have a 20Mb/s connection today, yes it is 10x more than you had 10 yrs ago, but it is still very slow compared to average connections and what app developers expect users to have to watch todays videos or do large group chats.
Find DoctorLaptop’s contact info in the Sponsor’s Section below.


Andalusia avoids exceeding the barrier of 5,000 cases of Covid despite a new increase in infections: {Full article, translated from https://sevilla.abc.es}
-Andalusia is experiencing an increase in coronavirus infections on Thursday, with 6,733 cases detected in 24 hours, a figure much higher than the 3,675 cases recorded a week ago, and which represents an average figure of the incidence of the last two weeks, the most critical phase of the third wave.
-Health reports 70 more deaths from Covid-19 in the community.
-Experts advising the Andalusian government consider that we may enter a stage of “sawtooths” in the statistics of contagions in which the incidence rises and falls in the coming days, as revealed in a tweet on Thursday by the president of the Junta de Andalucía. Juanma Moreno, who calls for “keeping our guard up”, believes that the peak of the third wave will be considered to have been passed when the number of infections falls steadily.
-These infection figures bring the 14-day incidence rate to 900 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, once again above the national average (815). Trackers continue to detect outbreaks despite the difficulty that this work now entails due to the rapid spread of infections. During the last week, 188 outbreaks have been declared, affecting a total of 1,229 cases. Currently, 380 active outbreaks of the disease are being monitored in Andalusia.
Below 5,000 admissions
-The best news is that, for the second consecutive day, the pressure of care has been reduced, at least in conventional hospitalisation. There are 4,867 patients admitted to Andalusian hospitals, 44 fewer than on Wednesday, of whom 709 occupy ICU beds, seven more than yesterday.
-The pressure is very high in hospitals in Cádiz, with 104 patients in ICU, while Granada and Seville have 120 and 121 critical patients in their centres.
-As of 3 February, 117,960 people have been immunised in Andalusia, having received both doses of the vaccine. A total of 345,810 doses have been administered.
-In terms of positives cured, the statistic today totals 2,411, a figure still lower than the daily number of infections. Source, Spanish: https://sevilla.abc.es/andalucia/sevi-coronavirus-andalucia-andalucia-evita-superar-barrera-5000-ingresos-covid-pesar-nuevo-aumento-contagios-202102041412_noticia.html


Spain’s health minister guarantees the arrival of 6.8 million Covid vaccines by April: Minister of Health Carolina Darias has told the autonomous regions that Spain already has a firm commitment from Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca that no fewer than 6,797,185 doses will arrive in the country by spring.
The Ministry of Health had been expected to announce its likely decision to not to vaccinate those over 65 years of age with the AstraZeneca formula, but it finally postponed this announcement to this Thursday for “technical reasons”.
However, Darias confirmed that those over 80 years of age will only receive the vaccines that use messenger RNA technology, which of those approved so far, are the vaccines of Pfizer and Moderna. Full article: http://www.surinenglish.com/national/202102/04/spain-health-minister-guarantees-20210204101714.html


After effects of the Pfizer COVID vaccine: Since the roll out of the vaccines in the UK, we’ve been asking everyone who gets vaccinated to log their jab, so that we can understand more about the impact of the new COVID-19 vaccines and their effects. So far, more than 275,000 people have logged their vaccinations in the app, many of them healthcare workers.
The researchers asked for feedback, via an app, from people who had received at least one dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine by early January.
The Zoe app team from King’s College London found:
-37% experienced some local “after-effects”, such as pain or swelling near the site of the injection, after their first dose, rising to about 45% of the 10,000 who had received two doses
-14% had at least one whole-body (systemic) after-effect – such as fever, aches or chills – within seven days of the first dose, rising to about 22% after the second dose
-These after-effects resolved within a few days.
Here’s what we know so far- Full article: https://covid.joinzoe.com/post/covid-vaccine-pfizer-effects AND https://www.bbc.com/news/health-55932832


Coronavirus variant detected in South Africa is already circulating in Spain: The first case of local contagion of this more-infectious mutation has been found in Barcelona, after random testing was carried out on positive cases. Spain currently has very low capacity to carry out such genetic sequencing of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.
On Tuesday, the Spanish Cabinet approved the first restrictions on arrivals from South Africa and Brazil, two countries where a more infectious variant is circulating. Full article: https://english.elpais.com/spanish_news/2021-02-04/coronavirus-variant-detected-in-south-africa-is-already-circulating-in-spain.html


Denmark and Norway become latest countries to recommend AstraZeneca jab for under-65s only: Medical regulators in both countries said more evidence about the vaccine’s effectiveness among older people is needed before it can be safely recommended to them. A Norwegian health official said: ‘It’s not because the vaccine doesn’t work on those who are older, but because its documented effect is so limited for this age group.’ Full article: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9223727/Denmark-latest-country-recommend-AstraZeneca-jab-65s-only.html


Malaga capital will have from this summer the second largest drive-in cinema in Europe: {Summary, translated from https://sevilla.abc.es}
-Starting this summer, going to the movies in Malaga can be done in true American style. In the coming months, work will begin on the in Malaga Drive- Cinema , which will be the second largest in Europe and the first in Andalusia, which will be open throughout the year.
-The drive-in theater will occupy a plot 16,000 square meter in the Guadalhorce industrial estate, just fifteen minutes from the center of the capital. It will have the capacity to accommodate 250 vehicles and will offer a space with more than 250 hammocks, as well as a children’s area and for motorcycles. In addition, it will have an area to hold private outdoor events.
-The promoters foresee the creation of a hundred jobs associated with the drive-in movie theater, which will have a 3,000-square-meter leisure and gastronomy area that will include, among other options, several “food trucks”.
-A leisure alternative as safe as the living room at home”, emphasizes the businesswoman. PHOTO:ABC. Source, Spanish: https://sevilla.abc.es/andalucia/malaga/sevi-malaga-capital-contara-desde-este-verano-segundo-autocine-mas-grande-europa-202102011436_noticia.html


Hackers build fake version of WhatsApp to extract sensitive info from iPhone users: WhatsApp has, yet again, found itself in the middle of a privacy row. A recent report has stated that hackers had made a fake version of WhatsApp to collect sensitive information from iPhone users.
A website with domain config5-dati[.]com was telling iPhone users to download the fake WhatsApp app which was not actually a mobile application but a configuration file for the iPhone. The fake app was purposefully designed to extract personal and sensitive data of users.
This serious breach of sensitive information has been acknowledged by WhatsApp. “To help keep chats safe, we recommend that people download WhatsApp from the app store for their phone’s platform. In addition, we may temporarily ban people using modified WhatsApp clients we detect to help encourage people to download WhatsApp from an authoritative source,” the WhatsApp spokesperson added. Full article: https://www.businesstoday.in/technology/news/hackers-build-fake-version-of-whatsapp-to-extract-sensitive-info-from-iphone-users/story/430290.html


WhatsApp Plus or GB WhatsApp User Alert- WhatsApp will delete the accounts of users of “unofficial” apps: WhatsApp has begun to “temporarily” suspend the accounts of users who use its messaging service through third-party apps, such as WhatsApp Plus or GB WhatsApp. The veto also extends to those applications developed by third parties “that claim to be able to move your WhatsApp chats from one phone to another”, explained the company owned by Facebook, which ensures that the decision is based on “it is not possible to validate their security practices “. Full article: https://spainsnews.com/whatsapp-will-delete-the-accounts-of-users-of-unofficial-apps/


Wolf hunting will be prohibited in all Spain: Hunting the Wolf will be definitively prohibited throughout the Spanish territory after the agreement reached this Thursday at the meeting of the State Commission for Natural Heritage and Biodiversity. The wolf, already protected south of the Duero, is still hunted through quotas in Castilla y León, Asturias, Cantabria and Galicia, where communities have expressed their disagreement with the agreement. Full article: https://spainsnews.com/wolf-hunting-will-be-prohibited-in-all-spain/


COVID Mobility Restrictions Info Reference

Up-to-date information, broken down by municipality, can be found on an interactive map here (in Spanish but simple to use, just hover your pointer, or tap, on your town, use mouse wheel to zoom in & out). https://www.mapacovid.es/

For the latest COVID-19 statistics visit:


Spain Coronavirus Data from Spain’s Ministerio de Sanidad, Official C-19 Pages:

Coronavirus Cases in Andalucia, Axarquia, Costa del Sol & Malaga Province:

UK Coronavirus:


Humour Section

Free Comic Strips provided by https://comics.azcentral.com


Exchange quotes by x-rates.com


Brexit Hotline

The Spanish government has a hotline to answer all queries from Brits living in Spain about the implications of Brexit, in English. Callers can ring 060 when in Spain or +34 902 887060 if calling from abroad and an automated system will offer the choice of either Spanish or English.
You will then be offered a choice of information on the different issues.
The service also offers the option of speaking to an operator.

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Friday: Almunecar, Salobrena, La Herradura- Summers only
Saturday: Competa, Mezquitilla@Algarrobo behind the Sala Ottowa
Sunday: Velez Malaga, Nerja Car Boot

Nerja 952 524 519
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Phone numbers for emergencies
Emergency Svcs.: 112
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Ambulance: 061
Fire Station (Bomberos): 080
Emergency English Help Line: 902 102 112

Local Police
Torrox: 952 539 828
Nerja: 952 521 545
Frigiliana: 952 533 126
Torre del Mar: 952 549 238

Local News in English, The Sur: http://www.surinenglish.com/
Local News in English, The Local: https://www.thelocal.es/
Spain National News in English, El Pais: https://elpais.com/elpais/inenglish.html
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