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COVID-19 VIRUS HOTLINE: Information hotline for those who suspect they may have the coronavirus. Anyone experiencing symptoms should stay at home and dial 900 400 061 or 955 545 060 – and only call 112 in an emergency.

For the official Andalucia Covid rules for your town, in Spanish only, go to this site, click your town, and find your rules in the lower left corner of the page. Click a category, then click the “+” sign to expand the rules: https://www.mapacovid.es

Another good, reliable source for updated Covid news, announcements and statistics are both your local
Ayuntamiento & the Junta de Andalucia’s FB and Twitter pages. @AndaluciaJunta  https://twitter.com/AndaluciaJunta  https://www.facebook.com/AndaluciaJunta/

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Lennons Sports Bar: Steve Owen Live, Friday 14MAY at 7:30 PM. Start the weekend with a great night out. Great Staff. Great food. Good music…all we need is you! Avda España, 70 – Centro de Negocios Sitio de Calahonda 29649 Mijas. +34 646 26 85 37  FB page


The Hall- Malaga:
-Friday 14MAY 8pm, live music with Felix Rossy & Jaume Llombart, €10 entry
-Sunday, 16MAY 8pm, live music with Antonio Grande Quintet, €10 entry
Calle Heroe de Sostoa 65, 29002 Málaga  FB page 


Kizzy Caribbean Kitchen- Our 1st Birthday Celebration!: Sat, 22MAY 3pm.
Top Floor, El Zoco, Calahonda 29649 Mijas  FB page 


Daley’s Finnegans Fuengirola: Michael Dickenson show, Thursday 13MAY 9pm.
Calle de la Cruz 12, 29640 Fuengirola FB page 


VII Festival of Sacred Music: June/July 2021.
Frigiliana / Almachar / Competa
Visit website for full schedule.


Weekly Crochet/Knitting Group:
Calling All Members and anybody who would like to join us. We meet every Thursday from 10/10.30 am until 1ish.
in Caleta de Velez at La Fuente.
Do you Crochet? Would you like to learn? Do you fancy having coffee and chatting one morning whilst working?
We are a multilingual group of ladies that are meeting every week in Caleta de Velez on Thursdays. We have no set rules- just a Smile will do.
The group is well over 8 years old and would love new members to come along and join us…Working at your own speed and chatting making friends. And- if you really don’t fancy Crochet but like to Knit, well come along with that instead.
And Don’t Forget- We will teach you either craft if you wish.
Hope to see you there.
Need more information?
Email Polly – madpip at hotmail dot co dot uk 


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Nik of all Trades: Services available for home, garden and office
Gardening – from weeding to landscaping, stonework (walls, paths, etc) a speciality. Transport and tools all provided by me, no job too small or too big as I have others to call on if required, from 100€ per day per man plus any required materials at cost or fixed price quote if you prefer.
Small construction/demolition jobs – walls, fencing, guttering, tiling etc. from 100€ per day per man plus any required materials at cost or fixed price quote if you prefer.
Painting and decorating – interior or exterior, tools all supplied, materials extra at cost – from 100€ per day per man or fixed price quote if you prefer.
Evenings, weekends and holidays both Spanish and English are all included at no extra cost.
Check my website for examples of my work www.nikofalltrades.es
Email enquiries or for more information to nikash2 at hotmail dot com or just write that email address or web address down somewhere in case you may need me in the future! I am a DigameXtra sponsor and so my contact info is available everyday in the sponsors section below as well. There is also a contact form available on the website.
References/recommendations available from the UK and Spain
Based in Competa but can travel anywhere in Digameland. Quotations are completely free!


Coast Fm Gold:
Things are starting to get back to ‘Normal’ …….now what?
Let people know you are open for business by advertising on the radio, where you will be heard 4 to 6 times a day, in the car, the kitchen, the bedroom, even on the beach!
No magazine can do that!
97.6 Coast Fm Gold is the Eastern Costa del Sol’s number one radio station, heard locally and all over the world on 97.6fm, Online, Google, Siri, Alexa and on Tunein!
Based in Nerja and broadcasting 24 hours a day, your advert would be heard between 4 to 6 times a day, every day at the same cost as a magazine or local newspaper, which are looked at maybe once or even missed…….you can’t miss whats on the radio unless it’s switched off!
We script it, do the voiceover, add music and once approved by you…..we broadcast it!
Whether your a bar an estate agent, supermarket or have a product or service you would like the world to know about, let them know on 97.6 Coast Fm Gold.
Email to studio @ coastfmgold.com or WhatsApp to 691934626 or leave message and we will call you back!


Golden Leaves Funeral Plans:
Pre-planning your funeral is a thoughtful and responsible way to show you care about your family.
Funerals are no easy task. There are numerous considerations to factor in, including logistics, food and drink, casket purchase and burial grounds. A loved one’s death brings immense emotional strain to any family, and the question of financing and arrangements only exacerbates the stress.
Handling all of these challenges is difficult enough in one’s normal circumstances, but having to go through it while abroad is an enormous burden.
Golden Leaves Funeral Plans aims to support grieving families during these tumultuous times. Since our inception in 1984, we have partnered with a widespread network of funeral directors across the UK and Europe.
Purchasing a funeral plan with Golden Leaves enables you to plan, design and pay for your funeral services in advance.
As one of the leading providers of expat prepaid funeral plans in Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, Balearic Islands, and the Canary Islands, we make sure to adequately support your family in the time of greatest need.
If you are an expat family in need of prepaid funeral services please contact Ruth on phone or whats app + 34 693 715 718
Based in Javea/Alicante. Company Reg. No: 2935393
Email: Ruth.forder@goldenleaves.com



People Group Spain- Interpreters Available
Don’t let the language barrier be a problem!
At People Group Spain we offer interpreters who are fluent in English and Spanish to help you with your day to day needs. Whether you need us to accompany you to a meeting, help you with paperwork, or even just make a phone call on your behalf, we will always be here to help.
You can find us at Calle Diputación 9, Nerja or
contact us by phone on 615763349 or
by email at admin@peoplegroupspain.com


Items For Sale / Wanted / Rent

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Halting Erosion using Vetiver
From Vetiver Spain in Sayalonga
Our Nursery is open by appointment depending on the current travel restrictions. Please email or call first. We have Moringa seedlings, Organic Moringa powder and Comfrey plants. We also have some local trees and some exotic trees from Africa.
Vetiver is a rapid growing and non-invasive sterile clump grass with a height of 1-2 metres and a root system of 3-4 metres in depth. We have been providing Vetiver throughout the EU for almost 10 years now. We are located in Sayalonga where we can plant year round but our best results by far start in February. The reason is that Vetiver is indigenous to India and Vetiver loves the heat of the summer. Use Vetiver cuttings as mulch around all of your fruit trees. Decomposing Vetiver improves soil quality, keeps the weeds down and the insects away all while helping to maintain soil moisture.
Vetiver is a nutritious and replenishable animal fodder. Horses and pigs love it. We use it in our chicken pens replacing hay because it stops mites.
In the 2 photos below you will see land prepared for Vetiver and the results 2 years later.
We also use Vetiver along driveways and sidewalks. It also makes a great and inexpensive ornamental hedge.
Here is a link to a short video showing the results.
We suggest planting now, as this is the BEST time of the year to plant.
To see more images of Vetiver go to this link.
Presently we have some specials, which include free shipping to numerous locations.
For more information please contact us.
Please visit us or visit our website:
Email: info@vetiverspain.com
Telephone: (34) 692 288 657



For Sale: Sizzix Big Shot Card making machine. Excellent condition with generous selection of dies. Currently selling online at 129.99 Euros. Price 35 Euros. Contact Beth / George, Maro, email: dobmick at hotmail dot co dot uk. Mobile: 658642525.


Wanted: Tiles. In 2003 we used these tiles throughout the ground floor of our reformed home. We have a few cracked, chipped and broken tiles now and are desperate to obtain about 10- 12 if possible. Is there anyone out there who may have a couple or so they would be willing to sell us or know where we might get some. We’ve tried tile shops in Nerja. They are a peach / grey colour, 420 x 420. If you think you can help, please contact us.
Sue, Torrox Campo. 677322169 or
email: maundfitch @ gmail dot co dot U.K. (remove the spaces.) 


Recommendations & Requests


I alerted you about this yesterday, autonomous communities demanding powers to make curfews and enforce travel restrictions, which will have a direct impact on all businesses and most of our lives. The Junta de Andalucia has already expressed it’s intent to bring back the curfew and limit capacities to previous levels. Bad news for the hospitality biz. Well. it has begun…I felt it important enough to post the entire, rather confusingly worded, long article to demonstrate the proceedings. It has started out convoluted and inconsistant, with finger-pointing and conflicting decisions on the first day. -Ed.

Spanish Supreme Court Begins Hearing Cases Regarding Giving Autonomous Communities the Powers to Enforce Curfews and Travel Restrictions: {Translation of full article} Updated: 11/05/2021, 14:16
-The fears of the jurists and the autonomous communities have been realized. With the end of the state of alarm on 9 May, the first discrepancies have arisen in the High Court of Justice of Andalusia (TSJA) over the perimeter closures agreed by the Andalusian Regional Government on the four municipalities with more than 5,000 inhabitants that had incidence rates above 1,000 infections. Different high court judges have ratified the confinement of Bornos and Villamartín, in Cádiz, and Castro del Río, in the province of Córdoba, but did not authorise the confinement of the municipality of Montefrío in Granada.
-The Andalusian court takes discrepant decisions on similar epidemiological situations. The First and Third Sections of the Contentious-Administrative Courts of Seville, in two orders issued on 11 May, considered the public health measure to be “proportional” and pointed out that “the right to health must prevail over the high risk of contagion”, and therefore allowed the municipalities of Bornos, Villamartín and Castro del Río to be closed perimetrically from 9 to 15 May. However, in the case of Montefrío, the First Section of the Contentious-Administrative Chamber based in Granada has decided not to ratify the measure in another order on 11 May.
-The latter court rejected the confinement of Montefrío because, in its opinion, “an indiscriminate restriction of a fundamental right is being imposed, leaving more than 10% of the population without the possibility of movement”. According to the magistrates, the fall of the State of Alarm since 9 May does not make it possible to ratify the measures.
-The town of Granada currently exceeds the rate of 1,000 cases per 100,000 inhabitants and was the only confined municipality in the province of Granada at the time. According to the TSJA in its ruling, the measure adopted by the Junta does not take into account the “current health situation of the municipality, where 12% of the population is already vaccinated”. Therefore, “it cannot be considered proportionate or justified to place citizens who are fully immunised on an equal legal footing”, the court argues.
-The court, in an order issued on 10 May, warns of the impossibility of limiting this right in the absence of a state of emergency, siege or alarm. The confinement of Montefrío does not conform to the “suitability, necessity and proportionality” governing the suspension of the right to mobility, although it was possible in the previous situation, it assures.
-In the same way, the resolution stresses that the fact that it is temporary, as this confinement was planned until 15 May when the number of cases would be reviewed again by Covid, does not affect what the court said, as “it would be just as unconstitutional to do it temporarily as it would be definitively”.
-Likewise, the court asserts that a decision of this magnitude in the normal constitutional order would only be possible through an Organic Law, for which the autonomous communities are not competent. Even so, there is room for appeal to the Supreme Court against the non-ratification of the measures, a route that the Andalusian regional government has already confirmed it will take.
*Rights can be restricted*
-On the other hand, the aforementioned chambers of the TSJA in Seville argue that “having assessed the necessity, suitability and proportionality of the measures, the right to health must prevail in the face of the high risk of contagion and serious public health risk to the public which – we must not forget – determined the declaration of the state of alarm in Spain by means of royal decrees 433/2020, of 14 March, and 926/2020, of 20 October, the validity of which, in the latter case, ceased just a few days ago.
-The Seville-based chambers understand that the mobility restriction is not absolute, as it includes a catalogue of cases in which travel is permitted, such as attendance at health centres, return to the place of residence, or for work reasons. Therefore, it ratifies the health measure agreed by the Regional Ministry of Health in Bornos, Villamartín and Castro del Río “even though it implies the restriction of fundamental rights”. Source, Spanish: https://sevilla.abc.es/andalucia/sevi-choque-tsja-no-autoriza-confinar-montefrio-covid-sin-alarma-pero-si-avala-cerrar-otros-tres-municipios-202105111353_noticia.html


News & Articles

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The active sources of the fourth wave- 40 large cities of Madrid, Euskadi and Catalonia, above the maximum level of risk: Coronavirus infections have been declining for two weeks in Spain. The incidence already stands at 181 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in 14 days and leaves behind a fourth wave of COVID-19 that did not register the extreme figures of the previous ones. However, there are still localities where the risk of contagion is still very high. In 50 large cities, the current incidence is greater than 250 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, the maximum threshold of contagion risk set by the Health traffic light. Of them, 40 are in Madrid, Euskadi and Catalonia. Full article: https://spainsnews.com/the-active-sources-of-the-fourth-wave-40-large-cities-of-madrid-euskadi-and-catalonia-above-the-maximum-level-of-risk/ 


Scotland’s travel rules have now been confirmed to be identical to England’s: Spain will fall into Scotland’s “amber” category, whereas neighbouring Portugal and Gibraltar are on the “green” list. Scottish holidaymakers in Spain will have to quarantine for ten days upon return. Full article: https://www.thelocal.es/20210511/spain-doesnt-make-scotlands-green-list-for-quarantine-free-travel-either/


New high-speed Madrid to Barcelona train that costs just €9: The French-run Ouigo service will whisk passengers the 620 kilometres (385 miles) that separate Madrid from Barcelona in just two and half hours, with prices starting at €9. Full article: https://www.thelocal.es/20210511/in-images-the-new-high-speed-madrid-to-barcelona-train-that-costs-just-e9/


Social Security Contributions To Rise For Self-Employed In Spain: If you are a self-employed worker (autonomo) in Spain then you need to be aware that on June 1, the General Treasury of the Social Security (TGSS) will implement the new rise in social security contributions that had been delayed since January 1. Full article: https://www.euroweeklynews.com/2021/05/11/social-security-contributions-to-rise-for-self-employed/


Amazon fake reviews scam revealed, 200,000+ fake reviewers exposed: Earlier this year, the folks over at SafetyDetectives discovered an open ElasticSearch database that contained what they call a “treasure trove” of messages between Amazon vendors and Amazon customers regarding fake reviews. The vendors in question typically offered free products in exchange for positive reviews, and in all, SafetyDetectives says that as many as 200,000 people are implicated in the fake review scheme. Full article: https://www.slashgear.com/amazon-fake-reviews-scam-revealed-in-data-breach-with-massive-potential-10672136/


New Android banking trojan stealing users’ credentials in Spain: Cybersecurity researchers on Monday disclosed a new Android trojan that hijacks users’ credentials and SMS messages to facilitate fraudulent activities against banks in Spain, Germany, Italy, Belgium, and the Netherlands.
Called “TeaBot” (or Anatsa), the malware started malicious attacks targeting financial apps in late March 2021, followed by a rash of infections in the first week of May against Belgium and Netherlands banks.
-The rogue Android application, which masquerades as media and package delivery services like TeaTV, VLC Media Player, DHL, and UPS.
-TeaBot exploits the access to achieve real-time interaction with the compromised device, enabling the adversary to record keystrokes, in addition to taking screenshots and injecting malicious overlays on top of login screens of banking apps to steal credentials and credit card information.
-Other capabilities of TeaBot include disabling Google Play Protect, intercepting SMS messages, and accessing Google Authenticator 2FA codes. The collected information is then exfiltrated every 10 seconds to a remote server controlled by the attacker.
-Editor Note: If you are tired of worrying about all the Android malware in circulation, and want to protect your device, the only free security app I can recommend is Kaspersky Internet Security for Android, https://www.kaspersky.com/android-security. The best protection according several rating agencies is Bitdefender Mobile Security but costs €11/yr. I have no financial connection to either of these companies. I would avoid the offerings of  Norton, Avast and McAfee, as these security apps tend to slow your device significantly. https://www.bitdefender.co.uk/solutions/mobile-security-android.html
Full article: https://thehackernews.com/2021/05/experts-warn-of-new-android-banking.html


Granada Tattoo Exhibition Returns To The Famous Armilla Trade Fair this May: For Andalucían lovers of ink, this exhibition has established itself as unmissable over the years, and once again, more than 100 tattoo artists from different cities will be in attendance and showing their art skills to those who attend the Armilla Fair in Granada. Full article: https://www.euroweeklynews.com/2021/05/11/granada-tattoo-exhibition-returns-to-the-armilla-trade-fair/


The Pirate Bay Suffers Downtime: The Pirate Bay has been hard to reach for nearly 48 hours now. For most people, the site currently displays a CloudFlare error message across the entire site, with the CDN provider mentioning that a “gateway time-out” is causing the issue.
The Pirate Bay has suffered plenty of downtime in the past and the popular torrent site usually returns after a few hours, or days. Full article: https://torrentfreak.com/the-pirate-bay-suffers-downtime-tor-domain-remains-online-210511/ 


Some 250 cave tombs of nobles discovered in southern Egypt: An Egyptian archaeological mission has discovered 250 cave tombs of nobles and high officials located in the Al Hamidiyah necropolis, in the province of Sohag (south of the country), during a project of historical documentation in the area, the Ministry of Antiquities reported today. “These tombs date from periods from the end of the Old Kingdom (3,100 BC-2,125 BC) to the end of the Ptolemaic era (309 BC-30 BC).” Full article: https://spainsnews.com/some-250-cave-tombs-of-nobles-discovered-in-southern-egypt/


Bonoloto draw for Tuesday, May 11, 2021: The result of today’s Bonoloto Tuesday, May 11, 2021 is: 09, 17, 18, 19, 20, 26, the complementary number being 42 and the refund on 9. Source: https://spainsnews.com/bonoloto-draw-for-tuesday-may-11-2021/ 


Junta de Andalucía Covid Info Maps Have Been Updated and Changed: The maps provided by Junta de Andalucía have updated the infection rate “scale colors”. This can be confusing because the numbers of infections that invoke Level 3 & 4 restrictions have NOT changed. So in the new “Riesgo según Incidencia en 14 días” (Risk according to incidence in 14 days) maps, areas in Red, that previously indicated a locked down town, are now nowhere near a lockdown. For example, Red now indicates more than 250 incidences, rather than Red meaning more than 1000 as before, but still 500 would be required to have town perimeter restrictions return or 1000 for a non-essential biz shutdown. Yet it is now Red. Go figure. Anyway, here is the new scale.
Red- Riesgo (Risk) extremo (>250)
Dark Yellow- Riesgo alto (High) (150-250)
Dark Beige- Riesgo medio (Medium) (50-150)
Light Beige- Riesgo bajo (Low) (20-50)
Blue- Riesgo- mínimo (<20)

COVID Mobility Restrictions Info Reference


For the latest COVID-19 statistics visit:


Spain Coronavirus Data from Spain’s Ministerio de Sanidad, Official C-19 Pages:

Coronavirus Cases in Andalucia, Axarquia, Costa del Sol & Malaga Province:

UK Coronavirus:


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