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What’s On

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Cuardo Flamenco: Sat Feb 5th, 7pm at Casa de la Cultura, Almunecar
Dancers, singers and musicians.
Venue: Calle Puerta de Granada 1, 18690 Almuñécar
Tix at theater boxoffice and Viajes Eroski Almuñécar (Mariana Pineda 10)
FB link 


Estrella Carabel Ferreiro exhibition: The Galician painter’s works are at the House of Culture of Almuñécar until Jan 30th, open in the morning between 11 and 1pm and in the afternoon between 5 and 7:30pm.
Fifty works of the renowned painter are in display in the “Rowland Fade” exhibition hall, in an exhibition titled “The memories of the soul”. Source: https://www.euroweeklynews.com/2022/01/22/estrella-carabel-ferreiro-exhibition/ 


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Services Wanted/Offered

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Archgrove Services: A family run light haulage/transport company with bases in Archez, Spain and near Oxford, UK.
We provide a one stop service for all your transport needs and pride ourselves on reliability, flexibility, good communication and a very much ‘can do’ approach. No job is too small and there is always a solution.
Our services include:
-Regular runs between UK and Spain
-Transport of personal property from full house moves to vehicles down to small single items
-Courier Services
-Man & Van services
-Packing, including supply of packing materials
-UK Home shopping with UK delivery address
-Storage of property and vehicles in UK and Spain
-Any jobs in Western Europe and Scandinavia considered
Fully Insured with Haulage, Goods In Transit and Public Liability policies.
If we can be of service please contact Steve & Gail. We are on Facebook and always available to chat through your needs and provide a free no obligation quote if required. FB-Link
UK: 0044 7868 435052
SPAIN: 0034 951 066 093
Email: archgroveservices@gmail.com Our contact info is also in the DigameXtra Sponsor’s Section everyday. 


SPW Construction Services: Professional high quality building service, fully qualified tradesmen to all trades.
Extensions, retaining walls, driveways, swimming pools, damp problems, roofs, blocked drains.
Replacement kitchens and bathrooms, Tiling and terraces. Plumbing, electrics and plastering, painting.
Architect service, building licence applications.
Handyman service now available for those smaller jobs.
For free consultation and estimate contact us on 622 938 440
or email: scottparkwilson AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk
Scott/Arenas.   Home Page and FB-Link
Our contact info is also in the DigameXtra Sponsor’s Section everyday.  



Items For Sale / Wanted / Rent

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For Sale, 3 items:
-Moroccan lamp 10 euro
-Small pine chair/ stool 5 euro
-2 armchairs 30 euro
Jane/Canillas de Albaida ; 637716703


For Sale: A Norwood tumble dryer. 6kg capacity. €50
Please contact Richard in Caleta de Velez on
617282970, phone, text or Whatsapp 


For Sale, 3 items:
-A box of Three large IKEA glass salad/fruit bowls and 11 small fruit dishes €12
-A box of 10 airtight IKEA storage jars. 1 pasta, 1 large, six medium, 2 small with one spare large lid. €15
-A box of eight large and eight small IKEA soup/cereal bowls. €12
Contact Mary in Caleta on 00447702342087


For Sale, 3 items:
-Brita Water Filter. 2.4 ltr. Complete with 3 new, sealed spare filters. Used only for a couple of weeks. Like new. 15 euros
-4 beautiful gold leaf champagne flutes. 10″ high. Never been used. 8 euros
-6 heavy fancy cut glasses. 6.5″ high 150ml. Never been used. 10 euros
Can be collected from the Cepsa petrol station neat to autovia junction.
Janet / Ian / Nerja. 696662959 / 630568164. 


For Sale: Fireplace toolset, log racks and fire basket price 25 euro all together. Thanks and regards, Robert / Canillias de Albaida
Email: robert _vos@hotmail.com ; tel.644029002 


For Sale: Super Mini PC by Nipogi, DoctorLaptop Customized
Windows 11 Pro, 6Gb RAM
2 SSD hard drives: 120Gb System drive + 240Gb Storage drive
Processor: Intel Celeron J4125, 2.0GHz base, 2.7GHz boost
2x HDMI, VGA, Ethernet, 2x USB 2, 2x USB 3
Audio miniplug, Dual Band Wifi 2.4/5
Video: Can support 3 displays simultaneously, 4k HD
Very low power consumption, only 10watts. Buyer must provide a display, a mouse, keyboard, and speakers/headphones. I have new Logitech business quality UK keyboards available for €25, if you need one.
Price €300, 30 day cash back warranty on hardware.
Naythan, Torrox Costa



Recommendations & Requests


Air conditioning: Can anyone recommend someone to service the air conditioning/ inverter?
Jane/ Canillas ; 637716703

Property Tax: Can anyone in Digameland recommend an accountant/gestor who speaks English and is located around Velez Malaga to Torre del Mar area who is reasonably priced and able to assist with annual Spanish property tax returns for non residents?
If anyone can give advice please contact Angela / Caleta de Velez
Email: alcasbarra at hotmail dot co dot uk


Help with translations: Elderly lady in Caleta de Velez, would like to contact somebody in the local area who would be able to provide help from time to time with translation for issues such as doctor’s appointments, appliance instructions, transport time tables, on-line ordering Etc Etc. If anybody can help please contact
Roz / Caleta de Velez. Email: villa2bcal@gmail.com


News & Articles

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{ Translations by www.DeepL.com/Translator }


Covid Axarquia- La Axarquía starts the week with Incidence Rate of 1,976.6 and one new death: {Translation, summary} 24Jan22 12:39
-These figures were provided on Monday 24 January from the Andalusian Regional Ministry of Health. These data also confirm 659 new infections since last Friday, with the municipality of Vélez-Málaga being the one that has confirmed the most new infections with 310. Only the municipalities of Árchez, Salares, Sedella, Macharaviaya and Totalán have not reported any new infections since last Friday.
-One death from the coronavirus this weekend in the Axarquia region, in Vélez-Málaga.
-As for the accumulated incidence rate of infection, it has risen slightly in the region since Friday and stands at 1,976.6 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. By municipalities, Benamargosa with 2,671.0 and Vélez-Málaga with 2,218 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, are the ones with the worst accumulated rate of infection in the region. Source, Spanish: https://www.axarquiahoy.es/articulo/axarquia-comarca/axarquia-inicia-semana-nuevo-fallecido-coronavirus-velez-malaga/20220124123949046088.html


Covid Malaga- The Covid incidence rate in Malaga falls by almost 40 points over the weekend and there are nearly 1,500 more infected people:
{Translation, summary} 24Jan22 12:54
-The curve of the sixth wave seems to be starting to fall. Compared to last Friday there is a drop of almost 40 points and compared to a fortnight ago, the drop is 281 points. Are these sawtooths as in previous days when ups and downs were recorded or is it the beginning of the end of the sixth wave? The evolution of the pandemic will tell. On Monday, Health reported nearly 1,500 new positives, two deaths with Covid and more than 1,900 cured.
-The incidence falls in the province, in the capital and in the autonomous community. At provincial level, on Friday it was 1,213.7 positives per 100,000 inhabitants and now stands at 1,174.8; since then it has fallen 38.9 points. But compared to a fortnight ago, when the rate was 1,455.6, the drop is 280.8. In the city of Malaga it is down from 1,369.5 on Friday to 1,292.1 on Monday. It is the same tendency as in Andalusia, which between both days goes from 1,419.8 to 1,387.3 at present.
-The negative data of the report of the Consejería de Salud y Familias is that there are two more deaths with the virus. Since March 2020, 2,130 people have died of coronavirus infection in the province.
-The weekend also leaves the notification of another 1,471 positives.
-Regarding new daily hospitalisations, there are still high numbers. This Monday there are 49. In total, 12,123 people have required hospitalisation in the province throughout this health crisis. Of these, 1,095 have even had to be admitted to intensive care.
-A good fact from the daily report is that there are more cured than infected. There are 1,910 patients who have been discharged from hospital compared to the 1,471 newly infected. This ratio is positive because it means that more people are overcoming the disease than contracting it. Since Covid broke out, 185,156 patients have been cured.
Source, Spanish: https://www.malagahoy.es/malaga/tasa-covid-malaga-contagiados_0_1650435481.html


Fake Coins- Always carefully check your change in Spain: The police force said the coins are being distributed by professional swindlers, since the shape, weight and colour (gold outer band and silver centre) is almost identical to the original. “They look like euros, but they are foreign currencies whose value is much lower,” warn the authorities.
Among them are the twenty Jamaican dollar coin (equivalent to 0.11 euros), the five peso coin from the Dominican Republic (0.076 euros), the one Venezuelan bolívar (0.19 euros) or the one Argentine peso (0. 0084).
Recently, the Guardia Civil also warned of another scam with the two-euro coins. In this case, the fraudsters passed of the Thai baht, the Egyptian pound, the 100 Chilean pesos or the Bulgarian lev, all of them with a similar appearance, but with a lower value than the legal coin.
Full article: https://www.surinenglish.com/spain/this-should-always-20220124123418-nt.html 


Andalusia opens the third vaccine against Covid to all those over 30 years of age: {Translation}
-Andalusia has opened this Monday the appointment for the third dose of the vaccine against Covid to those born in 1992, that is to say, those who turn 30 years old this year. This has been announced by the Andalusian vaccination plan (Andavac), where they specify that, in addition to making an appointment, those interested can “go directly to a specific vaccination point without an appointment”.
-In this way, vaccination against Covid is currently open to all Andalusians over 30 years of age for the third dose – and the first and second dose if they have not yet received it. Children over the age of five can also make an appointment to begin the process of immunisation against the coronavirus.
-And, at any time, healthcare workers, the elderly and people with special pathologies can make an appointment to be inoculated.
-In any case, there are certain requirements for making an appointment for the third dose:
1. If you were given Pfizer or Moderna, at least five months must have passed since the second dose. The third dose can be either Pfizer or Moderna.
2. If you were given AstraZeneca, three months must have passed. Pfizer or Moderna will be used for the booster dose.
3. If you were given AstraZeneca and then Pfizer or Moderna in the second dose: five months must have passed since the second jab. The third will be Pfizer and Moderna.
4. If you were given Janssen: three months must have passed and in this case it will be Pfizer or Moderna.
-What if I have had Covid? In this case, the Consejería de Salud y Familias also has several options:
1. If you are over 65 years old: you are vaccinated now as if you had not passed the Covid. If the disease is very recent, a booster dose will be given “if they are well and are not in isolation”.
2. 65 years of age or younger: if they were infected before the start of the vaccination process, the booster dose will be given five months after the last dose. It will be Pfizer or Moderna. If you were infected after the start of the immunisation process, at least four weeks must have passed since you were infected or diagnosed with Covid. Source, Spanish: https://sevilla.abc.es/andalucia/sevi-andalucia-abre-tercera-vacuna-contra-covid-todos-mayores-30-anos-202201241202_noticia.html


WikiLeaks’ Assange gets chance to take extradition case to UK’s top court: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on Monday was given the chance to challenge at Britain’s highest court a decision allowing him to be extradited to the United States to face 18 criminal charges including breaking a spying law. While High Court judges refused him permission for a direct appeal to the Supreme Court on their decision, they said his case raised an issue of legal importance that he could ask the United Kingdom’s top court to rule on. This means the Supreme Court will have to decide whether or not it should hear his challenge. Full article: https://www.reuters.com/world/uk/wikileaks-assange-can-take-extradition-appeal-uks-top-court-2022-01-24/


France bars unvaccinated from restaurants, sports venues: The new law came into effect Monday requiring a “vaccine pass” that is central to the government’s anti-virus strategy.
Since last summer, France has required a “health pass” to go to any cafe, museum, movie theater or take a regional train or domestic flight. But until Monday, unvaccinated people could activate the pass by getting a recent negative test. The new pass only works for people who are fully vaccinated, and those who recently recovered from the virus. Full article:


Irish Version of  ‘Weekend At Bernie’s’- ‘I wasn’t trying to rob him… I’m not an eejit!’ Irishman who brought his dead uncle into a post office to collect his pension insists he was alive when they set off but then ‘went a bit slumpy’: A man who, along with an associate, dragged his uncle’s corpse to a post office to collect his pension has insisted he ‘didn’t know he was dead’ and was ‘not an eejit’ who was trying to rob him.
Both men had previously gone into the post office and tried to get the money but staff told them they needed Mr Doyle there himself or his next of kin there.
Afterwards, it is alleged they went to Mr Doyle’s home and carried him along a public footpath before they again tried to claim his pension.
Declan H., 40, claimed he was not trying to rob Doyle., 66, after he and his friend Gareth C. propped the pensioner up.
They were on a five-minute walk between Mr Doyle’s home and Hosey’s post office in Carlow, Ireland, 50 miles south of Dublin, when the pensioner ‘went a bit slumpy’. Full article: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10435667/Irishman-brought-dead-uncle-post-office-collect-pension-insists-alive.html 


Microsoft force installs Windows 10 version 21H2 on 20H2 devices: Microsoft announced this week via the company’s Windows Update Twitter channel that it is rolling out Windows 10 version 21H2 to devices running the older 20H2 version of the Windows 10 operating system.
Windows 10 version 20H2 devices will be upgraded automatically to Windows 10 version 21H2 according to the tweet. (This could cause problems if you have a weak internet connection, as it is a large download, and it can be corrupted by interruptions. Also, some computers from the Vista and early Win 7 eras (pre 2014) are having problems with the newest version of Win 10- version 21H2. -Naythan)
Full article: https://www.ghacks.net/2022/01/22/microsoft-force-installs-windows-10-version-21h2-on-20h2-devices/


$130 billion wiped off crypto markets in 24 hours as Bitcoin, Ether drop to multi-month lows: Bitcoin was last down around another 4% at $33,755.57, according to Coin Metrics, while Ether plunged another 7% to $2,239.08. Earlier in the morning, they fell to their lowest points since July. They are also about 50% off their respective all-time highs.
Cryptocurrencies are moving in tandem with stocks, which have continued to fall since the beginning of the year and just came off of their worst week since March 2020.
Investors are also assessing the impact of further regulation on the cryptocurrency market. Last week, Russia’s central bank proposed banning the use and mining of cryptocurrencies. Full article: https://www.cnbc.com/2022/01/24/bitcoin-ether-fall-as-130-billion-wiped-off-cryptocurrency-markets-.html


Wild ride as Dow drops 1,000 points but recovers and closes up 99: The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped more than 1,000 points Monday as financial markets buckled in anticipation of inflation-fighting measures from the Federal Reserve and fretted over the possibility of conflict between Russia and Ukraine. [UPDATE: Dow recovered and closed up 99 points for the day.] 
Stocks extended their three-week decline on Wall Street, the price of oil and bitcoin fell, and so did the yield on 10-year Treasury notes, a sign of investor concern about the economy. Full article: https://apnews.com/article/stock-market-drop-d1511bdafe7279b263a352a8ab249bc0  & Update source: https://www.reuters.com/business/futures-slide-ukraine-tensions-dent-mood-start-crucial-week-2022-01-24/

COVID Mobility Restrictions Info Reference


For the latest COVID-19 statistics visit:


Spain Coronavirus Data from Spain’s Ministerio de Sanidad, Official Covid-19 Pages:

Coronavirus Cases in Andalucia, Axarquia, Costa del Sol & Malaga Province:

UK Coronavirus:

COVID-19 VIRUS HOTLINE: Information hotline for those who suspect they may have the coronavirus. Anyone experiencing symptoms should stay at home and dial 900 400 061 or 955 545 060 – and only call 112 in an emergency.

A Spanish gov’t site in English with travel docs & requirements info: 


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