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Blues Concert- Richard Ray Farrell: Fri, 17/2 8pm free entry
Bar Macharatunga, Macharaviaya FB


Toy and Collectibles Fair: Saturday, February 18, at the Metromar shopping center in Mairena del Aljarafe, Seville.
The Toy and Collectibles Fair consists of a fair for vintage, custom, collection, gift and parts toys that has been taking place since 2020 and that has become in recent years one of the most important events on the national calendar of related events with this industry. It is a fair for collectors, but also to spend the day with the family in a pleasant environment and with free admission and parking.
In this new edition, it will be possible to see, exchange, buy and sell old and tin toys from classic brands (Payá, Rico, Jyesa); action figures (Madelman, Geyperman, Airgamboys, Gijoe, Playmobil); plastic figures (Jecsan, Pech, Reamsa); dolls (Nancy, Barriguitas, Barbie), toys related to movies like ‘Star Wars’ or 90’s television series like ‘He-man’ or ‘Pokemon’. Source, Spanish: https://sevilla.abc.es/queplan/sevilla/que-hacer/sobre-feria-juguete-coleccionismo-fin-semana-sevilla-20230214143852-nts.html 


Live music at Chiringuito Mambo- Torrox Costa: Thursday, February 16 at 7:00 pm, Johny Chiu will be performing acoustic. This time I bring you songs from my new CD. Paseo Maritimo, Torrox Costa. FB & Video Link


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Great Deals From The Nerja Household Centre:
– Table & Mirror. Ornate decorative wooden console table with matching mirror. Beige mirror With Marble top
Beige ornate base Measurements 85 x 68cms
93 x 31 x 80cms Price 115€
contact Jackie/nerja 672170429
info at nerja household centre dot com 


For Sale: Ladies full length satin evening dress, size 16 with embroidered net overlay complete with two handbags and pair of shoes (size 40). €75. Contact Annie, Caleta de Velez. 608811821 phone or WhatsApp or
email: lamplighters1152 at outlook dot com. 


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Andalusia registers 16 deaths in a week from coronavirus: {Translation} 02/14/2023 12:43
– Andalusia has registered 16 deaths from coronavirus in the last week, twenty less than the previous week, and has 106 patients admitted to Andalusian hospitals, of which four are in the ICU, according to the Board’s Health and Consumption Department .
– The number of deaths has been reduced by 22 in the last fifteen days, while in the last week Health has confirmed 568 positives, mainly in the province of Malaga, with 184.
– By provinces: in Almería there were no hospitalized; Cádiz, 22 hospitalizations, of which none in the ICU; Córdoba, 9 and none in the ICU; Granada, 13 hospitalizations, of which 1 in the ICU; Huelva, 5 hospitalizations and none in the ICU; Jaén, 13 and one in the ICU; Malaga, 25 hospitalizations, of which none in the ICU, and Seville, 19 and two in the ICU.
– The cumulative incidence rate in people over 60 years of age stands at 21.69 cases per 100,000 inhabitants every fourteen days, according to the data provided in a statement. Source, Spanish:


Watch out for the latest vehicle safety campaign on Spain’s roads:
Operation Truck & Bus includes checks on speed, driving hours, technical points and paperwork and runs until 19 February around the country.
– Guardia Civil and police officers are monitoring the conditions of trucks and buses on the roads as well as their drivers. Checks include the vehicles’ speed, driving hours, possible technical issues, the safety of the cargo transported, vehicle and driver documentation, the use of seatbelts by driver and passengers, driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs or using a mobile phone at the wheel.
– Surveillance will be carried out on all types of road in Spain and at any time of the day. All vehicles in these categories are subject to the checks, regardless of the their country of registration or the nationality of the driver. Full article: https://www.surinenglish.com/spain/watch-latest-vehicle-20230214182144-nt.html


OCU Slams 8 Spanish Airlines for Not Accepting Cash Payments on Board: {Translation}
– The Organisation of Consumers and Users (OCU) has criticised eight Spanish airlines – Air Europa, Iberia, Iberia Express, Volotea, Plus Ultra, World2fly, and Wamos Air – for not accepting cash payments on board.
– OCU has required that all the eight airlines mentioned above drop their card-only payment policy and start accepting cash on their flights, and the same has reported the companies for ignoring their request, SchengenVisaInfo.com reports. “These airlines continue to force consumers who make purchases on board to pay by card: this is a clear violation of consumer regulations. For this reason, we have reported the eight companies that continue to ignore our requests,” the statement of OCU reads.
– According to OCU, the current regulations establish that cash payments can not be refused on board. Moreover, OCU stressed that there are no reasons that could justify the use of cash limitation.
Source, Spanish: https://www.schengenvisainfo.com/news/ocu-slams-8-spanish-airlines-for-not-accepting-cash-payments-on-board/


The lawyers’ strike leaves almost 27,000 trials suspended and 600,000 communications pending throughout Andalucia: {Translation, summary}
– The indefinite strike called since 24 January among the lawyers of the Administration of Justice has meant, until Tuesday, a total of 26,758 trials and proceedings suspended throughout Andalucia, as well as 14,050 lawsuits pending to be processed, some 39,100 writs not provided, 289 releases, seizures, evictions and removals of deposits paralysed, more than 600,000 acts of communication without practice, 1,600 files of the Civil Registry suspended and more than 51 million euros “immobilised” as judicial deposits, according to the conveners, who argue that the technical strike is reaching an average of 74 percent in the autonomous community. Source, Spanish: https://sevilla.abc.es/andalucia/huelga-letrados-deja-27000-juicios-suspendidos-600000-20230214184627-nts.html


Malaga’s Carnaval parade 2023 – in pictures:


Orange skies return to the Costa del Sol as ‘calima’ is due back on Wednesday: ‘Calima’ is set to return to Malaga and the Costa del Sol from this Wednesday, 15 February, the director of the Aemet weather centre, Jesús Riesco, has confirmed. Calima, or haze, is the Spanish word used when there is Saharan sand or dust suspended in the atmosphere, resulting in orange martian-like skies and red dust colouring pavements and balconies. “It will be a moderate to weak episode, very typical in southern Spain; in principle it will not be like last year,” the meteorologist said. Full article: https://www.surinenglish.com/malaga/orange-skies-return-20230214120035-nt.html


Victoria Playa de Almuñécar hotel will host the IV Cooks Contest to choose the best Tropical Chef: {Translation}
– The event will have two phases and participants must prepare 5 dishes, sweet or salty, with papaya as the primary ingredient.
– The initial or semifinal phase will take place on March 14 from 4:00 p.m. After drawing the order of presentation of the dishes, participants will have 15 minutes to prepare and 5 minutes to assemble and present. The papaya will be the obligatory product to include in the prepared dish, either sweet or salty. Each cook will have to prepare five dishes for the jury, photo and press. Presentation and creativity, taste and technique will be valued. The four best classified will go to the final phase that will take place on March 21. The three finalists will share a prize of 1000 euros. The registration period is open until March 13, at 8:00 p.m. It can be done with a payment of 20 euros, through Daniel Bastón’s whatsapp: 630862590. Source, Spanish: https://www.granadadigital.es/hotel-victoria-playa-almunecar-acogera-iv-concurso-cocineros-elegir-mejor-tropical-chef/ 


The Vélez library is left without light “due to the non-payments of the City Council” according to the PP: {Translation, summary}
– The problem of power cuts due to non-payments by the Town Hall of Vélez-Málaga continues to leave various municipal buildings without electricity”. This is what the local PP says in a statement, in which it points out that “this Tuesday morning the public library of Velez has dawned without light, so it can not provide an efficient service”. It has been found, it continues, “without computers, without a printer and even without a lift”, so that “users can only access it to read a book, a newspaper or make a consultation”.
– The Popular Party recalls that last week it denounced “the power cut in various municipal facilities due to non-payment of bills”. The debt of the Vélez-Málaga Town Hall, “governed by PSOE and GIPMTM, with Endesa is already close to three million euros”. Moreover, “even the government team itself has confessed that, as of today, there is no distributor providing the service in a regulated manner”. Source, Spanish: https://www.axarquiaplus.es/la-biblioteca-de-velez-se-queda-sin-luz-por-los-impagos-del-ayuntamiento-segun-el-pp/


The European Parliament supports ending the sale of combustion and hybrid cars from 2035: {Translation}
– The plenary session of the European Parliament has given its approval this Tuesday to the agreement between institutions reached last autumn so that from 2035 all new cars and vans that are marketed in the European Union are “zero emissions”, which in practice It will mean a ban on the sale of combustion vehicles, including gasoline, diesel and hybrid vehicles.
– After the adoption in the plenary session in Strasbourg (France) by 340 votes in favour, 279 against and 21 abstentions, all that remains is the formal approval by the Twenty-seven so that these new rules can enter into force.
– “If we want to reduce CO2 emissions, have affordable, sustainable and clean mobility and transform our industry, we have to vote in favor of this regulation”, defended the PSOE MEP and vice president of the European Parliament’s Environment committee, César Luena, in a statement in which the Socialists reproached the European People’s Party (EPP) for voting against the agreement.
– In the eyes of the EPP, as explained by its spokesman in the negotiation of the standard, Jens Gieseke, the ban on combustion engines will mean new “more expensive” cars, the loss of “thousands of jobs” and will lead the industry Europe to “decline”. “Europe is leading its automobile industry towards a dead end”, he said. (They can’t explain how they will provide for the increased electricity demand when we have shortages as it is, and they still have no way to safely dispose of all those batteries. But not to worry, once we are all herded into “15 minute communities” we won’t need to drive at all. -Ed.)
Source, Spanish: https://www.europapress.es/motor/sector-00644/noticia-eurocamara-respalda-veto-venta-coches-combustion-hibridos-2035-20230214135834.html


Take a hot air balloon ride over Andalucía to help the aid effort in Turkey and Syria:
– Globotur offers trips for 175 euros (tax deductable!), with all proceeds going to those affected by the earthquake through the Red Cross.
– This is the new initiative from company Globotur, which has designed a special promotion where all the proceeds from their trips will go to those affected by the recent earthquake. A ‘solidarity’ balloon flight is offered for 175 euros in the areas of Antequera, Arcos de la Frontera, Cordoba and Seville.
– The full amount of the flight will go to the Cruz Roja [the Spanish Red Cross], which will send the aid to both countries. The ‘solidarity’ pack includes a one-hour balloon ride, a toast with cava, a picnic breakfast, water on board, a video of the flight, a hat, a certificate and civil liability insurance. Travellers will have a donation certificate to be able to deduct it from their income tax.
– Globotur is offering flights in four different locations: Arcos de la Frontera, Antequera, Cordoba and Seville.
– The trips begin early in the morning and usually last between an hour and an hour and a half.
– In Antequera, the trip offers a different view of the Sierra de la Axarquía and the extensive countryside of Antequera.
– The balloon route through Cordoba takes off on the outskirts of the city and flies over the mosque and its orange groves, continuing along the River Guadalquivir until it reaches Medina Azahara. The balloon adventure ends in the river valley.
– In Arcos de la Frontera, the balloon flies over the old town, offering both rural and urban views of the surroundings.
Info & Tickets: https://globotur.es/categoria-producto/vuelos/vuelo-solidario/
Full article: https://www.surinenglish.com/andalucia/take-balloon-ride-20230214174550-nt.html 


Israir to run direct flights between Malaga and Tel Aviv: The Israeli airline will operate the route weekly, on Tuesdays, between May 16 and October 24. The flights are scheduled to run every Tuesday with a departure time of 2.25pm from Malaga returning from Tel Aviv (pic) at 9am. Full article: https://www.surinenglish.com/malaga/israir-airline-link-20230214101837-nt.html


This is the “made in Spain” therapy capable of destroying prostate cancer in 85% of patients: {Translation}
– 85% of the patients with prostate cancer treated with irreversible electroporation at the Clínica Universidad de Navarra have controlled the treated tumor and, of these, 100% retain the ability to urinary continence and 91.8%, sexual potency prior to the intervention. This is confirmed by the article published in the scientific journal “The Journal of Urology” regarding the first prospective series of patients from a Spanish hospital with results of focal therapy endorsed by an impact journal. Specifically, the article analyzes the pathology of men treated between 2014 and 2021, the sum of which makes up “the prospective cohort published with the longest follow-up to date with this technology”, as emphasized by Dr. Bernardino Miñana, coordinator of the Cancer Area. of Prostate Cancer Center Clínica Universidad de Navarra and lead author of the study.
– These data confirm the efficacy and safety of irreversible electroporation, a non-thermal tissue ablation technique that allows cell destruction by means of a series of short, high-voltage electrical pulses. Focal prostate therapy is indicated in patients with low or intermediate risk tumors, with a visible lesion on MRI and who do not want radical treatment. As Dr. Miñana points out, its application “requires a rigorous selection of patients who could benefit from this treatment. That is why it is mandatory to characterize cancer by performing magnetic resonance imaging and transperineal biopsies using fusion systems. In addition, the article also concludes that there is a proportion of patients who present a risk of developing new tumors in untreated areas, which requires long follow-ups for early detection. Source, Spanish: https://www.larazon.es/salud/asi-terapia-made-spain-capaz-destruir-cancer-prostata-85-pacientes_2023021463eb6c13b5cd3200012850c2.html


Microsoft will forcibly remove Internet Explorer from most Windows 10 PCs today:
– Internet Explorer 11 was never Windows 10’s primary browser- that would be the old, pre-Chromium version of Microsoft Edge. But IE did continue to ship with Windows 10 for compatibility reasons, and IE11 remained installed and accessible in most versions of Windows 10 even after security updates for the browser ended in June of 2022. That ends today, as Microsoft’s support documentation says that a Microsoft Edge browser update will fully disable Internet Explorer in most versions of Windows 10, redirecting users to Edge.
– Edge will “automatically” transfer over bookmarks and other browsing data from IE and display a dialogue box letting users know what has happened so that the last few people using Internet Explorer out of habit, ignorance, or spite will be fully aware of what’s going on. Clicking any IE icon or attempting to launch it from the Start or Run menus will automatically open Edge instead. Full article:


Bing users have already broken its new ChatGPT brain:
– Microsoft’s new ChatGPT-powered Bing search engine is now slowly rolling out to users on its waitlist – and its chat function has already been prodded into a HAL 9000-style breakdown.
– The Bing Subreddit (opens in new tab) has several early examples of users seemingly triggering an existential crisis for the search engine, or simply sending it haywire. One notable instance from user Yaosio (opens in new tab) followed a seemingly innocent request for Bing to remember a previous conversation. After blanking on the request, Bing’s chat function spiraled into a crisis of self-confidence, stating “I think there is a problem with my memory”, followed by “I don’t know how this happened. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to fix this. I don’t know how to remember”. Poor Bing, we know how it feels. Full article: https://www.techradar.com/news/bing-users-have-already-broken-its-new-chatgpt-brain


Big asteroid to zoom by Earth on Wednesday: A sizable space rock will make its closest approach to Earth in four centuries on Wednesday evening (Feb. 15), but there’s nothing to fear. The near-Earth asteroid 2005 YY128 will zoom within 2.8 million miles (4.5 million km) of our planet at 7:46 p.m. EST on Wednesday (0046 GMT on Feb. 16) — closer than it’s gotten to us in more than 400 years, according to EarthSky.org(opens in new tab). Still, that’s about 12 times the distance from Earth to the moon, so there’s no chance the asteroid will hit us on this pass, experts stress. Full article: https://www.space.com/asteroid-2005-yy128-earth-flyby


Watch this genius bird plan for its ‘handyman’ job: The Goffin’s cockatoo is the handyman of the avian kingdom. This crested, white-feathered Indonesian bird crafts what are essentially crowbars, ice picks, and spoons to pry open its favorite fruits, making it one of very few species to not only use tools, but fashion an entire tool set. Now, researchers have shown the cockatoos appear to plan ahead for the job, toting with them the tools needed to solve a puzzle. Outside of humans, carrying tools for a future job has only been seen in one other animal- a population of wild chimpanzees in the Congo Basin.
Full article & video: https://www.science.org/content/article/watch-genius-bird-plan-its-handyman-job 


Xiaomi presents the Xiaowan smart cat litter box, which can last up to 14 days without changing the cat litter:
– The Xiaowan Intelligent Automatic Cat Litter Box comes equipped with a variety of features that make it highly advanced and easy to use. It can be left alone for up to 14 hours before it needs to be evacuated. The device has an intelligent “rolling Lantern Festival” mode that automatically cleans up feces and has a super-capacity feces collection bin, making it highly efficient.
– The Xiaowan cat litter box is also highly adaptable, as it supports bean curd litter, mixed litter, bentonite litter, broken cat litter, and many other types of cat litter. Its compatibility with cat litter can reach 90%, and it uses a comb-shaped cat litter screen to accurately screen feces and save cat litter.
– In addition, the device has a special deodorant function with imported Aspen deodorant formula technology and carefully selected natural plant raw materials. The deodorant function suppresses the odor of the toilet collection bin, while the seal ring of the toilet collection bin is used to physically deodorize. The 8.6L large-capacity toilet bin can meet the needs of an adult cat for 14 days to go to the toilet, which can also calmly deal with temporary situations such as business trips and tourism. Full article: https://www.gizmochina.com/2023/02/13/xiaomi-launches-xiaowan-intelligent-automatic-cat-litter-box/ 


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